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DIY THC e-juice PEG400 or not?

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I want to make my own thc e-juice. 

I have researched it to death. Such conflicting advice. 

My conclusions so far: 

  • VG is not great dissolving thc extract. It separates easily. 
  • PEG400 in combination with PG seems to have best results. 
  • Im going to use QWET on my dry bud to create extract  

I am thinking of doing a mixture ratio of:

5:4:1 - PEG400:PG:VG

Any recommendations are welcome. Any Tried and trusted recipes you feel like sharing?

I also want to add some flavoring like Wicks bubblegum or Fruity?

Many Thanks! 


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I dive in here firstly to acknowledge the moniker - hoezeet Jay420herb

Been vaping a short while and am also scouting

You sound like you know what you are doing. I make BHO and have been raw sucking oil through a eSence, giving me 85% results. Heat is key.

Now trying a Zero from Renova using juice from nFused which is suggested to infuse oil into for vaping. Well - it works. They are on the net and helpful.

As far as base manufacture, I green and will get VG and PG to start with. Bought 34 flavours for a Microdose experiment, so I thought it cant be too hard to start with what I have, but still sucking my recent purchase with my oil as a 1/3 mix with 2/3 nF juice - so far. Nice, easy and mellow for now.

Gonna try your recipe as soon as I can pick up stocks, we are in the bush.

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