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  1. Pretty cool, So a closed Club can public see the posts?
  2. So Doing some investigation. Stacking up to get list, for next round. Would this work well? Or is there something better out there to get? Efekto - Shake and grow Special Fertilizer Anyone have experience with using this?
  3. Welcome, Nice location to grow. Place way to hot for my comfort liking. Last time I was up there I was having 10 cold showers a day..
  4. With you saying that Normal has a 99% chance of females, was the odds of Autoflower?
  5. My issue is that indica will make me even more lazy than I already am.. I get home and knackered from long day and have a very active 3 year old have to chase after all the time when home. If I don't take something that gives me a kick, by time she's asleep I'm passed out on couch.. repeat that every day and things on to-do list start to stack up fast..
  6. Here's some proof that I have somewhat of a green thumb. 3 years ago, my planted tank. Gave it up before my daughter was born as it was taking all my time, and money.... One day want to get back into it.
  7. Thanks found it. Which is better for outdoor, Auto Flowering or "normal"?
  8. hahaha don't stress you must see me type from my phone. I come across like a retard. #fatfingers thanks for the replies.
  9. Edit, I'd like to take that back, See Durban Poison has a very high sativa percentage. Googling not giving me results on where to find those seeds locally. Can anyone help direct where to get from? Never knew the strain was so world renowned. And with that, how much success would I have growing that outdoors in Cape Town?
  10. What I'm reading up on a local seed bank site, Super Silver strain is looking very appealing, anyone grown that before? Maybe this question might needs it's own thread..
  11. Thanks, Have checked a few, Information is so overwhelming though. Think to start off I need advice on a decent strain that's easy growing to get to grips with it. If anyone can recommend something would be awesome. For all I know I have an great strain growing, but have no clue. eish getting to grips with this forum a bit and failed on the quoting.
  12. Thanks, Just checked out some videos online now and now feel I'm not worthy of sharing my pathetic tree in comparison hahaha. But one needs to start somewhere right. I was heavily into aquascaping at one point so understand plant growth and ferts a bit. Slightly different in an aquatic environment but the basics should be the same. Not too prepared yet to invest in going all out, want to keep it simple. If it becomes too complicated then my wife will be asking where money is going... 😅
  13. Howsit all I'm sure you got an influx of new members since the new laws got passed. Well here's another one. Capetonian, Wanting to learn about outdoor growing and where to get good seeds. No idea where to start on getting seeds honestly so advice would be appreciated. Not a heavy smoker, once a week on weekends, in fact prefer to make perhaps oil or cannabutter. Used oil early this year and it eases my backpain, which I thought was a temp issue but don't think it's leaving me soon. LOL Age is catching up on me. But yeah the oil was great and less smelly to my liking. Much prefer the sativa strain for energy and focus. Hope to absorb tips and tricks. Have a plant growing outside in a small pot that's restricted it's growth a lot, Want to actually ask even though the yield is very low if I must wait longer or is it time to harvest (doesn't look anything like the amazing pics online lol). Will likely need to post pics to get that information. Don't know the strain but liked the stuff that was given to me, Kept me awake for hours and allowed me to have a great gaming sessions. Next plan it to plant directly in garden to grow bigger. Anyways, looking forward to be part of the community. Like that the forum looks clean and professional.
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