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  1. @Trailblazer420 its a kak one, i've never lost a seedling before but suppose its schoolfees for switching to organic. I've used it previously & it worked perfectly but was feeding synthetic nutes, so maybe the microbes are the main issue here, either bad or non existant. I'll use the rest of the culterra to start a small compost heap.
  2. @Dank yeah i have myco in the root zone already, i was worried about transplanting them as they are now, but i'll give it a go. it would be my advice too. the PH has been fine tbh, but there must be something else going on & i suspect it may be the microbes as @CreX said. I'm going to mix my own medium this time. @Dank @Hornygoatsweed @CG420za @Totemic @CreX let me know what you think: 1 part compost, 1 part perlite, 2 parts coco (buffered with calmag & Biobizz nutes) 1 part peat, watered with some weak compost tea, will add some myco as well. I'm limited to what i can get quickly where i am. So I've popped my other 2 beans into water now, in an effort to try save face if the rest dont make it out of the transplant - i did put the request up on the rules & guidelines which no one has said anything about so i'm assuming its all good.
  3. @Totemic very good idea! on that note, to everyone involved in the rules etc, can i pop the other 2 seeds that i have left? i would still stick to the deadlines, at this stage i could still have a leg in the race. the 4 that have been germinated are not doing well, as you've seen..... 🙏
  4. @CreX thanks for the offer! i'll pm you, how did you make your tea? i'm going to try get some worm tea for the feed after next
  5. @Totemic @CreX @CG420za I've come to the same conclusions as well as temp issues (dropped to about 10C late at night) & started taking steps last week. i've added microbes, & Nutes - biobizz, got my heat up & air circulation so i'm able to dry the medium fairly quickly now, also loosened the soil gently. i've got myco in the root zone, but i'm thinking that it was a bit too wet initially, increased kelpak dose to assist with new root development. going to do a microbe feed next (once soil is a bit dry), low amount, but full dose, with some amino mix & molasses. TBH i know i messed up with germination, originally was going into coco immediately but changed my mind last minute & bought the first seedling mix i could find. My mistake was not adding perlite & starting with a better seedling mix, this one is a bad choice - culterra. should've known. I'll transplant them as soon as they've bounced back, for now i dont think they'd survive. @Totemic@CreX @CG420za Let me know what you think of my POA? suggestions would be appreciated as i mentioned with the adjustments i've done so far, i've started seeing positive growth at a decent rate for 3 days now, i do timelapses on the plants so i can see how they react to environmental changes etc.
  6. Grow Update 3: MEH! ok so it looks like I underestimated how stunted the plants were, cold really fucked up the growth, leaving me at least 2 weeks behind the competition. Chocolope 1-4 from left to right. 1 & 3 as well as the girls in the back are all showing P def, all plants are showing N def. Started feeding a more concentrated mix now, i assumed the seedling starter soil would have enough nutes, but as they say, "Assumption is the mother of all fuckups!" I hadnt seen any signs of of positive growth for a week and a half (i do timelapses), so i introduced a heat source last week & changed the lighting cycle to 6/2. current temps are btw 22 & 29C. Struggling with keeping humidity up, currently btw 35 & 45%. With the new light cycle I saw positive growth on Friday & has continued consistently since then so i may be back on track. I've recently moved to a new area so the cold was unexpected & I just moved to organics from synthetics & its a sharp learning curve, trust! Anyways lotsa mistakes, hopefully they'll all recover & get going now! #1: P def clearly #2: this is the lady that had to be re-germinated, pulled out of soil, scuffed & back in water, outta soil 2 days after the rest. has been the fastest grower of the lot - could be male? also seems to have a leaf mutation. #3: another with early signs of deficiencies. i've been foliar feeding while the plants are recovering, cotyledons are dying 😞 #4: second fastest grower! excuse the blurry pics, been hectic & will resume with the good shit when i get time!
  7. Kgrows

    Bad Mix?

    @greenkush i did yes, but the issue happened before i moved to soil. @Hornygoatsweed i did flush the coco sufficiently, started at 80ppm to match my water, & buffered with calmag to 230ppm. first feed at about 1/5 of nutes. the mixture i talk about above, developed what looked like a jellyfish, almost over night, stank like sulphur etc, so there was a defs bad reaction there. Update on this though, i made the same mixture that reacted, but didnt get any reaction this time. so i'm guessing that something in the mix had been contaminated, either the bottle i mixed it in or the measuring tools. cleaned everything in H2O2 solution
  8. Kgrows

    Bad Mix?

    was in a cocoperl mix initially, buffered & PH @ 5.8, moved to seedling soil @6.5 as soon as i saw the burns to try eliminate all possible issues
  9. Kgrows

    Bad Mix?

    i thought it shouldn't be an issue, have no idea what happened. they were about 2 weeks old already. I dont think that was the issue though. I'll do another mixture this afternoon & leave it for a bit to see what happens before i water again, maybe something in the water. I use carbon filtered tap water that sits at about 80ppm.
  10. Kgrows

    Bad Mix?

    Mixed some kelpak with biobizz fishmix for a first feed, at a very low concentration 1ml FM & 2ml kelpak in 5L water. The two seemed to react to each other, what seemed like a bacterial bloom of some sort, or something else, biological not chemical. I'm fairly new to organic growing so i dont know if this was my mistake? Need to do some reading. Either way, i watered the ladies below with this before the reaction took place in what was left of the mix, next morning they looked fine, that afternoon, the plants were burnt, cotyledons first. Quickly removed them from their germ medium & put into seedling starter & watered with fresh ph'd water. They're growing nicely again, but have been stunted, hope i can overcome the issue in the long run. Main question being, why did the two react? & has anyone else seen this happen?
  11. Grow Update 3: Chocolopes are looking good, maybe a bit slow due to massive temp drops at night over the last week. But they are looking healthy, they did go through an initial stretch, which i don't mind. Both the light & the genetics, (i'm guessing haze pheno) had a part to play. Running them under 400w MH , normally run cfl at this stage. First week @ 200w second @ 400w & at 1m above. gave them a very light feed yesterday & some microbes for the soil. The crit jack, moby dick & SS haze are not part of the compo but are part of the grow, they've definitely been stunted - will put up a post in the correct topic on these!
  12. maybe a dud then? but the other has 3 sets of cotyledons, which is a cool mutation & why it looks a bit weird! keen to see what happens
  13. @DeeJay your plants arent seedlings anymore you are in veg now, i stop calling them seedlings after the 2nd set of true leaves are out - set with 3 leaves, but if you're nervous then increase the ppm to 450 for a week then 600 until you can see new healthy growth, then increase to 800ppm, check the tips of leaves for nute burn (give it a week or so) then increase a bit more until you see the first signs of nute burn, dial it back & you should be good till flower, in flower you need to readjust, as they dont like too much Nitrogen. Are you top feeding them while their roots are still growing? Do yourself a favour & look up the Lucas method or Formula for GH flora. You know what NPK is? so with cannabis it should be NKPMgCa - long abbreviation lol but ya its that important. if you're using the flora series you'll defs need to use calmag & asap (some nutes have the added calmag ie GH coco range). best quick fix method is to do a foliar feed at about 150ppm calmag, 150 Grow & Bloom, spray under the leaves tonight about 15 mins before lights out & keep your fan going.
  14. i've grown nice plants with them using the lucas method - no grow only micro & bloom @ a 1:2 ratio in veg & 1:4 ratio during flower. the plants were good but i really struggled to dial in the ppm & during flower its easy to fk up with all the nitrogen.
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