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  1. Awesome thanx guys. Yeah their selection is quite interesting...
  2. Anyone know anything or tried to order from https://www.cannabisseeds.co.za. Just curious...
  3. Would love to be able to measure my lights intensity / efficiency but those meter are a bit much for just one or two readings... you guys should consider hiring out your meters πŸ€”
  4. That is good to know thank you!!! Was just thinking of soaking the seeds in something to help with germination rate, nothing worse than buying expensive seeds and losing them in germination...
  5. Hey man, after you placed your order you should have been taken to a page that says something like "your order was successfully placed" and their banking details would have been below that, no confirmation email. Go to their website, log in, go to Menu, My Account, Orders and make sure your order is listed there (status will be On Hold), note the order number as you need that for the reference number. I'll send you PM with their banking details although if I were you I would rather wait for them to respond as you should never just pay money into a account some random guy (me) message you 😊
  6. What do you guys think of soaking the seeds in a light solution of Kelpak and water for 12 hours? Anyone tried it?
  7. Good day guys. As the topic states, let's discuss germination of seeds, everyone has their own preferred way of seeds germination so let's share some methods. Let's assume you already picked out your seeds or germinating feminized seeds (topic on it's own). At this point I would take a small shot glass, fill it with tap water I prepared 24 hours ago, drop the seed in the shot glass, swirl it a round a bit and leave it overnight, about 12 hours. By preparing water I mean dechlorinate it by keeping it in a open container for 24 hours. I have read some people soak their seeds in warm water of even something a bit more acidic like coffee to soften the outer shell and mimic stomach acid... Anyone have a home brew recipe for soaking? After the soak I would take out the seeds and place them between two wet paper towels, the towels I then put in a dark Tupperware container with a lid, sort if like a dark humidity dome. The water I use here is also from the same container I used for the soak. I make sure at this point to clearly mark which seed I put where, if germinating multiple strains you do not want to get confused. Now according to many sources one should make sure that the seeds are germinating in a dark warm (between 22 and 32 degrees) place, in the summer this is easy, you put your container in cupboard and close the door, in the winter this could be problematic as the house is cold. The reason I put the seeds in a dark Tupperware container comes into play here as I would take the container and put it in the grow room under the light, to get a bit of heat going. You can also use your biltong maker that has been standing emtpy on the table for a few months, I mean a biltong maker has a light at the top to keep the temp up. I have read some people using reptile heat pads to warm the containers, never tried it... Usually my seeds germinate in a day or two, found that keeping them in the wet paper towel for to long (+ 5 days) can promote mould, at that point if the seed did not germinate already according to me you can start again. Some people say one should wait until the white tap root is 3 cm long before planting, I find that if you wait to long the small very fragile tap root will bore into the paper towel making it difficult to remove without hurting the root, I usually just wait until the root is 1 cm before planting. Now depending on if you germinating normal feminized seeds or auto flowering will depend if you plant straight into the forever pot or plant into a smaller 1 liter container as transplanting at a later stage could stun the little sapling and for autos this could impact the veg stage. Well that is what I have read, my previous auto I transplanted as I did not have a correct container at hand and she is big and strong. That's basically my process, now let's hear how this differs from other methods?
  8. To mitigate the heat issue you could always go the LED route? Yes they are probably more expensive, but you will save on allot of the heavier environmental control equipment...
  9. Also buds should not snap, the branches they attached to should snap... I know this is what you mean, just making sure 😊
  10. Sounds good, count me in, always interested to try something new.
  11. Could you maybe give us more info on what the soil will contain? Also where are you based?
  12. Hey bud, also in the market for a inline fan and was seriously considering this guys here: https://www.futurama.co.za/s-p-td-250-100-silent-series-duct-fan-100mm-4?gclid=CjwKCAjwqfDlBRBDEiwAigXUaPwcbEgZodGpfwA67RNflgfSHt2U40AeU62i4LVYQLnOS4GNv3WfwBoC6x4QAvD_BwE No idea if it is any good, but it says 'silent' in the name πŸ˜‹
  13. Also probably super obvious but be careful handling dry ice, can seriously burn you!!! Seen some children playing with dry ice at the beach one December, was fun at the start... πŸ₯Ά
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