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E-rig advice for dabs

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I took a look a while back for myself, but, came to the conclusion that something decent is likely not going to be all that cheap and my dry herb vape is sufficient. I have a glass dab rig for when I want to hit a dab.


This one looks really nice: https://www.vaperite.co.za/product/puffco-peak-pro-vaporizer/

Also the Dr Dabber ones both look good:




Then there is also this Oura: https://vapestore.co.za/portable-vaporizers/kandypens-oura


However prices on all of them are a bit steep.

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I can comment on the Puffco as i recently got 1 in a trade for all my trim 😅

I got the original one not pro and its lovely and full of flavor when taking hits only down side is that the hits aren't big like your dab rig but I believe the Puffco pro has a bigger chamber and capable of bigger hits. 

I have also used the Dr Dabber switch a few times and I loved it but its a big device. 


The e-rig is a good option and something I want to get in the future. 




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So from our side at Vape Store it really depends on the budget. 

Starts from around R300 for a banger for an an existing bubbler, to top of the range dab rigs such as the Dr Dabber Switch or the Puffco Peak Pro. 

An excellent entry level but potent , portable dab vape we have found is the Utillian 5

Just  give a shout of we here at the Vape Store can help/ advise in any way. 

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