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Hi peeps,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm having an issue with Trophy Seeds. I placed an order to have some seeds sent to a friend. Order was paid for however its been 3 days and my order is still stuck on "processing".

The owner is not responding to me via admin@trophyseeds.com. One of my buddies is also looking to place an order with Trophy Seeds and they are responding to him. He is obvi now rethinking ordering from these guys.

Before I paid the communication was good. After I placed my order...radio silence. Not sure if my money is gone or whats going on.

Please any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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@JamesD Glad you came right, often the stores will wait until the funds reflect (even if POP is sent).


EFT scams are common, I have come across multiple fake proof of payment documents. So always best practice to wait until the funds reflect before shipping out whatever it is which you are selling.

Next time, if you are in a hurry an instant clear EFT may go a long way 🙂 


Stick around, chat with us some more and show us what you going growing in your tent! 😄 

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