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Walking with St. Peter, bearer of the key to the heavens

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so, the winelands area can get hot as balls, we've been contemplating a pool for a while now. 

sadly, the only space we have is where my mother of a San Pedro was standing... so we had to move her.... 20210301_180457.thumb.jpg.9a953445bea355d4e928545b08cc93cf.jpg

I think you all know where this is going from here, guess the topic gives it away a bit too


tips will be saved for further propagating.

my lovely lady lending a helping hand there with the messy bits, I got outa bed and immediately got busy slicing up some medicine, she came waddling after probably 20min later, still in her very sexy satin nighty and coffee in her hand. didn't even hesitate to sit down and get her hands dirty with the messy bits! what a team player, right? 20210510_084243.thumb.jpg.91fe2df966ff7aeb50169b6967c4685f.jpg

once we got going I didn't wana take pics every few minutes or everything would be dirty and sticky as f.ck, so here is the last photo for the dayScreenshot_20210502-164732_WhatsApp.thumb.jpg.82c962fbdefbbac2ce76ee364e50e8c6.jpg

we did 4 doses on the day, left them to dry, here they are. IMG-20210421-WA0017.thumb.jpeg.a502a5b37396ba88e65b2729789f00e1.jpeg

all that is left now is to powder them, cook it and then the ceremony I guess....

ALSO, anyone interested in San Pedro? I am giving away for free

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25 minutes ago, horti said:

My interest has been piqued.  Is this peyote?

San Pedro I believe. Peyote is a small cactus, looks like this:



The active ingredient is referred to as Mescaline though.


If it piques your interest, do some more research. Go down that rabbit hole! 😄 

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40 minutes ago, PsyCLown said:

San Pedro I believe. Peyote is a small cactus, looks like this:



The active ingredient is referred to as Mescaline though.


If it piques your interest, do some more research. Go down that rabbit hole! 😄 

Takes stupid time to grow unless you graft it onto root stock --- which I did not do, I should plant my other seeds.

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here is my peyote collection 🤠 

6+ months olds


1+ year olds


2+ years olds


5+ years old


10+ years old, she made flowers and seeds for me ❤


The bunch, and random photos


these where used for grafting


Here's the grafts of the two, onto san pedros



And then, of course a butt load of Lophophora Williamsii X Pereskiopsis Spathulata Grafts, from the same batch that is one year olds on their own roots, these have been grafted for 6 of the 12 months, see the size difference


anyway, won't make you guys look at every single one of all of these it will take forever! but yeah, have not eaten any of the peyotes, yet 🤓

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looking at the photos from September2021 these grafts really took off in the last couple months! thought I would show their progression. grafting cacti is really the way to go for faster growth 💪






Here is one of the bigger lophophora x pachanoi, she pushed her very first flower recently and she does not stop making new pups! 


Here's one of my mothers, got loads of seeds off her over the years, she got a couple fruits full of seeds sitting on top (the messy dried up parts in the middle) 



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