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How to make tasty weed ^^

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😁 I was reading over terpenes once more to see what new is out there. 

You find about 200 terpenes and 100 cannabinoids in one plant. My simple calculation was, the bigger my plant, the healthier, the better. So main focus was fertilizer.

I will most likely redo my Biobizz tables and make a monstrous change.. but that has strangely not much to do with terpenes, just more yield.

It wasn't hard to recognize, that my weed quality went up, as long as I kept my climate in the perfect range. The Quantum Flux Meter gave the next huge increase in quality. And ran into this short but rather significant article on Royal Queen Seeds. As I always said.. you have to unpack your A game from start to end and keep the climate in ranges not hurting your terpenes... and if you screw over drying or curing, you still end with bad weed 😉

Can You Increase Terpene Production?

Genetics play an important role in the terpene content of a strain. Cannabis breeders actively combine desirable terpene profiles to create strains that possess a specific blend. However, environmental factors can sway just how much of a specific terpene a cannabis plant expresses.

Growers can take advantage of these influencing cues to drive up terpene levels, subsequently enhancing the taste, smell, and effects of a harvest. Cultivators can hone in on several key methods to increase terpene levels, including:

  • Adequate stress
  • Correct lighting
  • Optimal temperatures
  • Flushing before harvest
  • Proper drying and curing
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Soo many variables and factors which come into play, soo much we do not really know and are unable to measure.


Climate certainly plays a big role, excess heat can certainly lead to terpene degradation.

I must say I disagree with flushing before harvest, it is a myth and does not benefit the plant whatsoever - a recent study I saw and posted somewhere on the forum actually seems to point in the direction that no flush may end up with better tasting weed if anything.


Stressing a plant is not always a bad thing, it can trigger various defense mechanisms in the plant and boost yield, trichomes and terpenes. Too much stress or the wrong type of stress on the other hand can be bad and lead to undesired affects.


While the article is a nice read, it is not always very precise. A lot of what we do is still guess work and following charts and there is still legacy information going around from who knows how many decades ago when growers needed to figure shit out via trial and error and make use of what they were able to get their hands on.


In agriculture, companies are able to tell you what nutes to give and what quantity to give for each week of the plants lifecycle based on your specific soil and so forth to ensure you are able to maximize yields and so forth. This does not happen with cannabis, we do not know for example that perhaps during week 3 and 4 we should actually lower all nutes to increase growth as a random example an then perhaps during the 2nd week of flowering / pre-flowering we should just feed P and K or whatever may be the case.


The approach is a broad one, generalized nutrients, follow a chart and it should work out quite well and your plants should yield decently and get a good end result. You can add these things to possibly help the plant along the way and make it more resistant to this and that but it's still quite vague I feel and a lot more testing needs to be done and I am sure is being done and will continue to be done now that it's a lot easier for this to take place and happen.

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