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Good evening my fellow green fingers..

Below a T-1000 gifted to me by Bay Seeds. This litlle girl is going strong and showed sex about a week ago. I potted her up yesterday and she seems to not have been disturbed at all. I will be keeping this updated on a weekly basis from now on. Expecting this girl to be huge so will be training her from early on. 











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    • By StonerZN
      'Olla Bromigos!
      Getting started a little later this year than last, rain around this time in my neck of the woods played havoc with seedlings last year. 
      For this Season I am firmly in the Local is Lekker corner, and will be running a bunch of @Totemicand some @Bay Seeds sourced a while ago from the Legends at @Cannabist. Thank you all for the great deal and freebies! Very grateful and super keen 🙃

      So here we go! Up first 2 each of:
      Totemic - Green Gelato. Reg
      Totemic -Strawberry Deluxe. Fem
      Totemic - Strawberry Sugar Cookies. Fem
      Bay Seeds - AK Royal x Lemon Jedi X Choc Gelato. Reg
      Totemic - Gelato x Cherry CBD. Reg

      All seeds soaking since 4PMish, dechlorinated water with a spritz of Biodyne and BioBizz Root juice.
      Some king sized seeds, some so big they got stuck in the container and needed prying out.

      Very keen to get started! Some will go straight into pots from here, others via ziploc and paper towel route. Don't have enough side plates to separate 5 diff strains in paper towels etc. Will give the Fems the special treatment and let the Regs go au natural.
    • By GreenGrow Garden Route
      So I've started a small Home grown mix of Lemon Jedi Og. Male (Dark Horse) I think. @Bay Seeds And a very dank Gorilla Glue Cut I received as a gift.. After I grew and flowered the original mother. 


      Dark Horse Genetics Grown by @Bay Seeds 
      Mommy Loaded..


      Pale as shit... seeds was not what I normally look for but any way...

      So started germing them...

      Keen to see What they do and to get a good male and female together again and again and again...
      Hope  to log all progress here.
      All nutes and soil is from Freedom Farms. Pro Biotics and Premium Classic soil. 


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