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Sober October

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Rehab is for quitters. I have given myself a gold medal for my detox, or lack there of. In reviewing the past week it was well worth it. I went down the coast to celebrate the passing of a good old man, I took him to AA a couple times during the 90's, he sadly passed sober as a judge last week at the solid age of 85. Had a solid party with old family friends, loads of homebrew, beer, whiskey and weed. 

But funny enough I was wondering/pondering if Marijuana Anonymous ( MA ) is still existent. It was right next door to the church where AA meetings were held on weekly nights. Down the road from Rosebank towards Parktown North. My ex business partner founded it, I wonder if its still happening. I went baked once or twice for experience, and the tea and cake. Well back to my own rehabilitation centre tomorrow. Round two of the detox. 

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1 year later, done and dusted. 30 days non drinking. Actually feels good to be sober. Might try it again sometime. 
Congratulations. An accomplishment in your neck of the woods. Some nice pubs and especially the hotel that served the best babootie in the country. Not sure of the name but apparently it was the RAF pilots hangout during the days. And the original Pig & Whistle.

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