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4 hours ago, Dr. Green said:

I use the entire range of biobizz in freedom farm classic i also add biodyne and kelpak. I feed every watering less than half of recommend dosage. 


I normally dont have problems but i also struggled with my current grow. I ended up mixing some calcitic lime in the top soil and it solved my problem. Looked to me like calcium deficiency 

Hey Doc 

what did the lime sort out, I’ve not heard of that before?

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Grew this plant in ff craft soil. Only fed malted barley teas and biobizz bloom twice. Also some microbed. Nothing wrong with the soil. Never pHed the water once. ..

My GSR genetics run on the soil mix mentioned above and compost tea. No bottle nutes and girls seem proper happy so far. Also, trying square to round long pots for this run

@GGGThanks for the informative info above. Based on the advice given in the thread by other members, I started supplementing with microbes and also dropped my watering PH. I have been using Micro

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