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Grow Reports Area Now Open - Testing

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I've finally decided to open up the Grow Reports area. It's not 100% complete but its ready to start taking reports. 

A little explanation of what grow reports are:

Grow Reports are not the same as grow diaries. It's a record submitted of a grow you have completed with a specific cultivar. Basically a summary of the grow and how that specific strain responded in your growing conditions. As you'll see when you add a new grow report, there's a bunch of criteria for you to submit. It's all self explanatory and it'll all make sense once you see it.

You guys will essentially be beta testers so please let me know if you encounter any errors. Also please lemme know if you think there is more we can add to the grow reports. Always open to suggestions :-thumbsup

Here's the link to the grow reports page https://www.420sa.co.za/grow-reports/

You can also find the link in the main menu under the browse tab. You can also find an option to create a grow report under the "Create" or "+" button


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Woah!!! Sick!!! 

Im gonna see if I can complete one soon... I should have enough data from previous grows 👌

I like this

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