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Comprehensive seedbank list

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So here's an idea....

I haven't totally gone through all the topics, sections and what not, but I'm new here and I'm also new to the whole grow your own thing.

So the idea is to list like say a minimum of 2 - 5  seed banks, if it's local say so, if it's overseas, say so or if it's from anywher on our African continent, say that too. Then say something short about them.


Local: Trophy seeds http://www.trophyseeds.com

Just heard about them on the hotbox podcast.


Ministry of Cannabis https://www.ministryofcannabis.com 

Saw a YouTube video on this, apparently they're very discreet and have high quality stuff.


Sorry, I can't give a personal take on anything, I haven't even started my first grow yet, but I'm a noob, I'll gladly defer you guys.


Ideally I'd like you to rate it on a scale from 1 being sucking ass to 5 being mindblowingly awesome

in 3 areas (add more if you want)

1) Security/ discretion (maybe separate issues?)

2) Price

3) Quickness of delivery


Just thought this might be an awesome challenge and well an easy and fun way to learn about what's out there

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i can only rate the local seed banks.


Trophy seeds - 4/5 The postnet to postnet shipping takes awhile, but is cost effective. The team offer a great service and exceptional genetics!


Biltong and buds - 4/5 - Great service from the team, overnight express shipping. Guaranteed germination, they will replace the seed if it doesnt. Really cheap & great for beginners not wanting to spend too much $

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I have been doing a lot of research and making a list of local seed sources, combination of internet as well as some business card picked up from the expo.

Personally I have only bought from green smoke room a couple of times, the experience has been awesome, fast delivery, well packaged and almost always a freebie. they have local SA stock as well as international


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