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Need to speak to someone who has used CBD only cannabis oil


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Hi guys,


New to the forum, but I want some feedback. I run my own website and recently I did a piece about cannabis oil. It's actually just a translation of an Afrikaans version that I did, because there is very little info on dagga olie in Afrikaans. It's an informational piece with the idea for the piece to keep growing and getting updated. Here is where I need some help:


I've never used CBD oil, but it has been brought to my attention that CBD cannabis oil is for sale in South Africa through various websites. I obviously have no experience using the oil, so I was wondering if anyone on here has used the CBD only oil and can answer a few questions for me. Also I want to speak to the legality of it, are these CBD cannabis oils that are being sold online legal?


A lot of Afrikaans people are starting to seek info on dagga olie and I would love to have a resource online that can at least guide them in some way concerning the subject at hand.


If there is anyone willing to help, please let me know.


Highest regards,


Ruan Stix Fourie

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Totemic[/member]: Thanks, I'll do that. But I actually want to speak to someone who has used or purchased Cibidol CBD oil, and I also want to know what the legality is around selling that stuff online because I've seen a few online retailers in SA selling it.


So if there is anyone who has experience with that type of cannabis CBD oil, please give me a shout?

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There was a point, I think last year, when Dischem or a similar store actually stocked a CBD oil. I can't seem to find it now online so I think they must have taken it off the shelf


There was an Australian brand launched in SA last year called Elixinol. Its THC free CBD hemp oil. Can't advocate for it or not, just know about it


As for the legality of it all, haven't got a clue. Perhaps Bobby Greenhash can tell you that

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