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Community Answers

  1. alemo

    LED vs HPS

    LEDs are for people who know more than they grow.
  2. Very nice post! You're spot on about raw salts!!
  3. Reveg will take longer than seeds even. Unless you're gonna bump a lot of GA and such, it's a waiting game for not a whole lot more.
  4. And your "real business" in this industry is? I've had great service from them for years, I'll shop there quicker than others closer to me.
  5. What do ya think of the "females/males makes no difference" thread?
  6. Lets add Pentane to this? Or better yet, acetic, toulene and methanol. Liquid liquid is all the rage these days.
  7. Alembics are fine too. Actually a lot of guys run their spd first pass on alembic, for the pace.
  8. You're going to need to take more of what I post with a large amount of salt
  9. Until we're talking Gibbs and free energy...
  10. Console jars and some piping and you're golden. You don't need anything fancier.
  11. Then use the ppm meter because I can almost assure you it is actually an EC meter. Do the calculation back according to NaCl or KCl, 07 and 05 respectively.
  12. Technically they are entirely different. Total dissolved solids is a measurement of actual dissolved solids in solution. EC is only a representation of the resistance in solution. The two are theoretically not interchangeable and entirely different. Your confusion comes in from companies converting the resistance into a possible representation of total dissolved salts or "part per million". This conversion is based on particular parameters and works more as a representation than an actual account for the solute. Try aim to use EC rather than TDS/PPM. If you know what you put into your solution, you can use a bit of simple math and work out your concentration by resistance.
  13. Try find a bulk supplier. Like a greenhouse company or some shit.
  14. @Green Leaf Organics Watch your density issues disappear. A lot of organics I seem to think run a little on the high side of the pH.
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