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Found 4 results

  1. I desided it was time to really test the efectivity of these companion plants with regards to pests.. Chamomile, Sage, Basil and Marigold. I know when planted in the same pot, Marigold can be very beneficial.. Got some seeds and put them in Jiffies.. A few days later and I have a few showing face... Sooo dam tiny...
  2. Aweh, What organic pesticide can I use during flower to fight spider mites besides pest pro as I've been using that and it isn't working, I need halp ASAP
  3. Sup 420 family, hope everybody is gooving on a lekker vibe, blazing some good and most of all popping some beans yall So I have been using predator plants to control thrips, gnats and other burgs indoors. I'm not posting this as some cure all method, but itspretty natural. Heres the deal, predator plants are awesome, the venus flytrap is a well known one, but there are many kinds and some even specifically target gnats, flying insects, etc. Before you go out and buy a venus flytrap, these plants need a good life and specific needs met in order for them to thrive year after year. Their needs are not the same as cannabis in many ways so just keep an open mind. Im only learning about these plants and testing them indoors as well, after all the heat on the forum about these damn thrips, neem, etc, I thought its a good time to plug me and my girlfriend's best buds YouTube channel. This is a awesome video if you are interested in predator plants, tips on keeping em thriving.
  4. Whats up people Looking to buy some ladybugs for my garden. I am keeping all bugs under control at the moment via spraying my garden with my own mix. However it is that time of year and the flowers are coming! So I would like to stop spraying and try alternate methods. anyone know where i can buy ladybugs here is SA? Or any other predatorial mite for that matter. Cheers!
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