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  1. If one is passionate and willing to learn, it goes a long way!
  2. I can not believe I only got one CV! 🤔 I have appointed a very capable person to handle all the admin and QMS, SOP's etc. But I am still looking for a grower...
  3. DJR


    I paced an ad for a vacancy in the Classified section...😉
  4. Well established business (since 1993) outside Christiana in North West Province are expanding its operations into medicinal cannabis production. We have a vacancy for a person with the following skills: Experience in cannabis growing, strong administrative skills, be able to compile and manage QMS, SOP’s etc., deal with all aspects regarding SAHPRA GMP licensing, computer literate, without a criminal record, must be well organised. CV’s can be e-mailed to: info at minitubers dot coza
  5. DJR


    Facility nearly finished. Message sent.
  6. DJR


    No, in North West Province.
  7. DJR


    Hi Guys, I am new to cannabis growing, but have to learn fast. Many years experience in hydroponics, aeroponics and tissue culture. Busy building a commercial licensed cannabis facility. I hope to get some valuable information in this forum. TIA
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