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  1. Really sorry! So I did a bit more maintenance on the training as well as some lollipopping. I added a scrog net today and I'm gonna give them a day or two to bounce back and then flip them to flower. Numbers 1 and 3 have shown female preflowers, Number 2 still hasn't shown sex to spite being the largest out of the bunch. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
  2. The plants have settled in well to their new pots. I can't find the memory card with the repotting on, I will keep looking for it. The split on Number 1 seems to have recovered well and didn't have a major impact. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
  3. Hey guys I'm really sorry for the late update, been crazy at work this week.🙈 So I repotted them last night and then today I did some low stress training using string and tape. Unfortunately I wasn't paying full attention to Number 1 while bending the top two colas and the stem split. I then wrapped it with tape and the she hasn't died yet💪 When I reported I place a hand full of bone meal in the bottom of the hole. I will be creating a post with a few photos of the repotting and training when I have a moment to breathe on the weekend. Going from left to right 2, 1, 3. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
  4. Hey guys, I have just gotten back from a long weekend of traveling and I'm absolutely dead tired. The plants are all doing well but I will post a proper update in the morning, but for now I need a bong and bed. Sleep well ladies and gents!
  5. Nothing much to report on this weeks update. The plants have recovered from their topping, and the tops have taken root. The clones have been switched to a 12/12 light cycle but no signs of sex yet. Other than that, just a repotting is need urgently, just waiting on them clones... Number 1: Number 2: Number 3: Clones:
  6. What I've found is that if you bufffered the coco prior to planting, then every water you have to add some CalMag. Why I say it is essential to water buffered coco is because when you feed and there is no CalMag present you actually strip the CalMag that is contained in the coco, ie, removing everything you did the buffer for. I buffer at a [1g/1L] and then maintain it with a [0.1g/1L]. I always add CalMag first, let it dissolve and then add my nutes, followed by any changes that need to made to the pH.
  7. @Pat999 Thank you very much, I must say really pleased how the grow turned out. I started a new thread under grow diaries as to not clutter this thread, and I've posted pretty much all of the flowering phase through to present day in there.
  8. After quite some deliberation, here are my 5 entries: Gorilla God Entry #1 Gorilla God Entry #2 Gorilla God Entry #3 Sugar Black Rose Entry #4 Sugar Black Rose Entry #5
  9. Today they were topped at the 4th node. These tops were made into clones, the substrate I'm using is still the Freedom Farms Formula 1 and the rooting hormone used us the Dynaroot No.1. I cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and then cut of the next nodes fan leaves and growth sites, leaving only top. The stem is then dipped into the powder about 1-2cm deep(covering the cleaned node). Then they were placed into the soil and sprayed with tap water, and the tips of the leaves were cut off. The clones were then placed into my cupboard on the heat mat under the UVB bulb and the tray was filled to about 0.5mm with water. The clones will be given 1-2 weeks to root and then I'll flip them to 12\12 and then hopefully we can start making some decisions The mother plants were then placed back into the tent and placed on top of pot to temporarily raise them closer to the light. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
  10. So I finally got back and I'm absolutely blown away by how they are looking. Left to right: 1, 2, 3. Number 1: Easily the smallest plant in the batch and I'm pretty sure I caused it to stunt when I repotted it. None the less I'm really really happy it has recovered. Number 2: The largest out of the batch. Number 3: And the middle child. They had their first feed last night using 5L dechlorinated tap water, 0.5g of CalMag was then added followed by 5ml of BioBizz FishMix. That was stirred and then allowed to set for 5 minutes, then a squeeze of fresh lemon juice was then added, the mixture was stirred again and allowed to rest for 30 minutes.
  11. @CreX Haha aweh thank you bro, I'll confirm where it was orginally purchased but if I remember correctly it was at GT Hydro. Noted and I've now added some pots underneath to raise them, I also removed the mat so that I can use it for the clones.
  12. I really feel bad for not being able to post consistently but I'll be back home from next week so thinks will be getting back to normal soon💪 The plants haven't changed positions just been moved on to the mat. Number 1 is top left (black pot). Number 2 is the bottom right and Number 3 is bottom left. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
  13. Yeah all good now thank you bro! I will be here for the next few weeks so all I will be able to log is what I get sent. So I wasn't sent a close up of plant number 1 but they have been transplanted and I noticed before I left #1 was not looking too good. Number 2%: Number 3: Number 1 is bottom left you can't really see will get my friend to send me a better shot when he goes back: The plants are being water when needed with dechloranted water that is pHed between 5.5 and 6.5 using lemon juice as a pH down. No nutrients are being used at the moment just the freedom farms formula 1 mix. Lights being used at the moment are a 250w MH and a 1000W LED, will get the heights from the top of the canopy when my mate goes there again. A humidifier is being used as well as a heat mat. The plants were moved backed onto the pad after the photos. Temperatures are sitting between 16 and 26 and humidity fluctuates between 18 and 60%. There is also a two fans that are on 24 hours a day, one on the ground and one at the top of the canopy. Sorry again for the delayed post and the lack of a close up of plant #1. I can confirm it is lagging behind the other two. Looks like it was suffering from transplant shock.
  14. Sorry guys I had to fly down to Durban for a family emergency. I will get a friend to send me some photos today when he goes to water for me.
  15. I don't know what the issue was last night but the photo upload is working again (maybe too many bongs). Top left = 1 Bottom left = 2 Bottom right =3 Harvest is now complete just waiting for the batch to dry and then these guys can get all the light the deserve.
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