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  1. Ye I figured so I havent touched them. Wouldnt wana ruin good bud.
  2. Since the start of flower on my cheese, I have refrained from using foliar sprays like seaweed and neem oil. Today I noticed 1 or 2 bugs running around on the soil and 1 or 2 knats flying around. I am a bit afraid of insects getting into the buds. I applied some neem oil to the top soil on the cheese and did top soil + foliar on the smaller plants that are still in veg. Should I do foliar neem on the buds as well as a preventative measure (I really dont want to contaminate the buds)? I need some advice from the pros, how does one do preventative pest management during flowering.
  3. Making a hole in the wall aint an option for me either. They do work really good in tents
  4. https://www.takealot.com/russell-hobbs-10000btu-portable-aircon/PLID41125397 here are pics of the setup in my tent
  5. This unit has the option to switch the dehumidifier off or on I thought that was pretty neat.
  6. My tent is also sucking in alot. (even without the AC it sucks in if i turn up the damn extractor) These AC's are extremely strong at extracting air they completely overpower the extractor fans. For me ducting the AC outlet to the intake is a no go because the garage collects too much dust from the ceiling and this will clog it up eventually. Also the air outside the tent is always hot in the garage so I am sure I will be running an extra 1000w all the time. In my case I got lucky the 10000 btu unit is about the size of my carbon bed filter (just taller) its even smaller than the air cooler I had in there ( Half its size) so space is not an issue at all. I myself do not run an intake fan , I have sealed up the tents vent holes and allow it to intake air from a duct i have running to the outside.
  7. The setup didnt work well. I originally bought a 6' Y piece and moved the carbon filter to outside the tent. I then fed both exhausts into the Y piece. This turned out not to work so well when temps got really bad, it was fine during the few days of rainy weather but total failure when temps got over 32 (turns out the AC exhaust blows out with so much power it forces hot air back into the tent even against the extractor fans backpressure ). The only viable way forward that I can see , would be too buy another carbon bed filter for the AC. I am not willing to make mods to the AC It cost too much to mess around with. I tested feeding the AC exhaust directly into the tent exhaust and this is working fine for me atm. The downside is that I have to disconnect the ac exhaust when im not using the AC. Until I get another carbon filter I will have to do this manually else my neighbors will smell it.
  8. ok so update to my thread. I have fitted the aircon into the tent and it works like a charm. I have rigged it in such a way that I can run with or without the aircon while still keeping both exhausts through the carbon filter. I tried the aircon exhaust without the carbon filter and it just caused the place to stink up. The unit works 100% heating or cooling the tent to whatever I set it to. The heater mode is cool for those cold nights cos it automatically switches on and off when needed. So far I can see the effect on my plants they really were struggling with the heat.
  9. I received my seeds in the One of the orders I placed was mishandled or packed badly. Both of the black boxes like above had opened up in transit. This essentially mixed up my strains. With regards to the delays and bad service. I know that they had some issues being understaffed and it seems like this has been resolved as I have noticed some new names responding to queries etc. They have always included a little extra gift for me and even discounted the delivery fee on one of my orders to make up for the delays. I would say I am still a fan and I appreciate the acknowledgment and friendly response to my angry emails when they make me wait for so long. I will still be buying from them in future.
  10. Its like with all babies , us daddys get excited quickly 🙂
  11. Yeah never grown like this before ( We used to grow some plants in between crops on our farm ). Its been totally new growing indoor were things like lighting, ph, temp and humidity are all controlled. Ive set it to 45cm and changed the light rotations to lights on during the day to try it out. Today was rough I saw temps of about 33.5 even with the aircooler running on full with icepacks in the water tank. My AC arrives Saturday (Cant wait !!). I am noticing what u mentioned about the angles as I lower the light. I see why you changed your lenses. The spread is not really great the lower you go. Oh and btw I dont think the true wattage is 360w per light. I believe its more like 256w.
  12. I hear u about the RH thing. In dry climate it takes both a humidifier and aircooler running in humid mode to keep it at 40-50 / waiting for the aircon to arrive then ill deal with the RH issues. I bought a backup pond ultrasonic fogger to add more humidity that I can try. With regards to the temps, If i run my lights during the day the temp will go over 32 degrees. hopefully the AC is going to be the answer to that then I can switch my light cycle. I will give 45cm a try on my lights ( i ended up going into the grow tent at like 2 am and raising them back to the 90 cm they were set to , just so afraid of burning them or stressing them).
  13. Out of interest I have chosen this AC unit (was on special with 37% off). I like the self evaporator ( means no draining of water, better power efficiency and hopefully no issues with dehumidifying). Russell Hobbs - 10000BTU Portable Aircon The Russell Hobbs Portable Aircon has a self-evaporator for energy saving and high efficiency Features: - 24 Hour Timer - LED display - Self-diagnosis function - Four-way castor wheels - Cooling and heating options - Breeze mode for quiet operation - Self-evaporative for energy saving and high efficiency Specifications: - Weight: 22kg - Assembled Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 88cm - Material: Plastic - Colour: White - Power: 1110W - Noise Level: 65dB - High airflow: 335M3/H - Warranty: 24 Months (12 months Retail + 12 Months extended upon registration at www.russellhobbs.co.za) What's in the box x 1 Portable Aircon x 1 Remote Control x 1 Exhaust Hose x 1 Window Kit
  14. Looks really good nice and frosty. It looks like I am mostly worried for nothing , my day night temps are almost the same as yours just a bit higher 32 degrees or so atm during the day with the lights off (the new ac arrives this weekend so that should help bring it down during the day). Would u recommend i set the AC to 29 degrees to regulate it at that temp ? Also would you mind please posting some pics that show ur light distance from your plant tops , I am busy trying to figure out the sweet spot and Im not seeing many led setups that show the actual light distance. Love the results I see on your picture though.
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