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Found 3 results

  1. Sup 420SA Disclaimer: I breed Cannabis seed as a hobby to help preserve seeds (genetics) and possibly improve certain strains. I provide these genetics for free to our Collective of growers, most of which are medical patients. I am not a master breeder, this was the first year that I could see so many of my own crosses being grown out, a wonderful experience. After being a custodian for so many years, it is time we share the Fire with the community. Some of the bud shots will be grown by me, most pictures I will post here will be from growers and future breeders in our Collective. Blessed love
  2. Hi, this plant is 3 1/2 weeks in flowering Is it possible to identify the strain already or is it to early. Would like to know the strain. This is my first grow and is indoors. Thanks, Jacques
  3. Howzit guys, I’m new to these forums. I’m a new grower too. My plants are doing pretty well so I’m happy. (Fingers crossed that they’re girls!) I’m quite curious about the laws regarding medical marijuana, I presume that hemp falls under that category too ( despite not having any psychoactive effects). What strain has the highest ratio of CBD to THC? I’ve heard of Charlotte’s web but I’m pretty sure that strain is a bit tough to get my hands on. Just wanted to know if there was anything local. I’m quite keen on potentially getting into the medical marijuana business. But I’ll have to get through that section 21 application first *sigh*. Sorry for the long message guys xD. Just wanted to look for a high CBD and low THC strain. Thanks for reading! The African Noodle ✌
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