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    LED vs HPS

    Yeah I have a temp probe in my canopy - running my lights at around 70% (3x Vero29 3500K COBs being driven at 2.1a). My canopy temp is around 2 degrees hotter than the probe at the pot level.
  2. Pure coco will retain more water than soil. OP has mixed 30/40% perlite which should help. My concern was actually way more about the plastic pots as they don't breath well - even with holes. It would make sense that it only an issue now (mid-winter). It is colder, so less evaporation happens off of the soil medium, and the plant transpires less because it is cold. Which means the plant pulls less water out of the medium. To give an example, I have other plants I grow in plastic pots. I had to water them everyday in summer, and only once a week at the moment - I actually killed a plant by water twice a week at the moment. However, it could be something else, the only way to really test is to see if the same thing happens to the fabric pots in the same circumstances
  3. It looks kind of like over-watering, is why I asked. But Im not the most experienced grower.
  4. How dry are they at watering? What kind of pots do you have them in?
  5. Trickerst

    High all

    Whats your setup? If you don't have one yet, what is your budget?
  6. One should keep their words sweet in the event one is forced to eat them.
  7. Trickerst

    t8 build

    Yeah, but you can get them for about R3k from china, locally they cost around R7k. But like I said, you pay for the convenience of having someone who knows what they are doing assembling, and warranties - granted you could just replace the entire unit for the same price if something went wrong on the DIY route lol.
  8. Trickerst

    t8 build

    Eish China import is such a mission. LoL I bought a Mars Hydro ii 700w light, it now finds a space in my closet. Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk Lol! You can also buy the exact cob setup I have from china, at a fraction of the local price. And QB if you look around. But if you suck at DIY or have no idea what to order, then you pay a local premium for someone who does, like growopz - they have good stuff.
  9. Trickerst

    t8 build

    Rather go t5, way better. I'd honestly recommend going for LED. You can get from growopz, they make good stuff. But you can also import stuff from china for cheap. Bit of a learning curve but once you figure it out you can probably save a ton of money.
  10. Yeah LEDs are expensive off the bat, but you save costs in the long run. Plus they are super stealthy. And let's not forget Eskom is in what's called a utility death spiral, so electricity is going to get more and more expensive. With my LED my electricity bill doesn't even notice
  11. Congrats on being given the Banjölnir
  12. Thanks man, he PM'd me. I might well wait until next year as I don't think there is enough time for me to complete my grow. On a side note I can import the Vero 29/Citizen/Cree3590's if you all would like some I can probably get a decent price. Just not the enclosures/drivers. If enough people want I can put an order together. Looking at around R700-900 a COB depending on volume and type of COB
  13. Trickerst

    Digital Art

    There are glasses you can get for that hey, like the enchroma glasses.
  14. Yep, I love fishing rivers. Especially for tasty troutses
  15. My unit is all setup ad running now. Lets see what we get. I actually have a spare one, not sure if I should sell it or keep it lol
  16. I already have a running controller, it works great.
  17. Honestly? I don't use it enough to justify owning it. It's a great little device, but yeah I just don't really smoke much. I've used it about 7 times in like a month, this might actually be the second month I've owned it now.
  18. I am selling my firefly 2, barely used less than a month old. They retail for 5k, I am selling for 4k. You wont find a better vape for that price. It is second only to the Mighty. https://www.thefirefly.com/firefly-portable-vaporizer.html/
  19. @mal piet welcome! That looks really amazing which province are you in? I think you need a minimum amount of posts to get access to the grow diaries subforum. Admin says in the PM you get at registration, you need 15 posts to get access to most boards. I think the grow journals are lower? Not sure.
  20. My pleasure Justin. I agree with you, I am pro state regulation with people being allowed to grow for personal use. This should work for most of us here and for others. I know some people will disagree and prefer a free market model, and that is down to personal opinion. I also don't think that the users of this forum would be pro no home growing lol.
  21. Too bad the live stream cut off. The state started the cross examination of the plaintiffs expert witness Prof. Nutt Cross is often boring, frustrating and repetitive on purpose. They attempt to attack the testimony of the witness from as many angles as possible to spot discrepancies in their rendition of the testimony. Frustration is a big part of this game because an frustrated person is more liable to make mistakes. So asking the same questions in varying degrees of irreverence or as similarity as possible are the orders of the day. Basically the state was trying to frustrate him and get him to answer questions in a manner that framed his arguments unfavorably [falsely]. Such as: Accusing of him of being irresponsible by leading laymen to believe that Cannabis could be used to cure HIV, when he stated it could be used to treat some of the symptoms and side effects. (Wasting, nausea from other treatments etc.). Or: Asking for his opinion on something, but then when he answers, saying that this is just his opinion on not fact. An attempt to frame some parts of his testimony as opinion rather than fact. The state further tried to frustrate him by making him answer loaded questions with a limited set of answers that were reductionist and missed the content and spirit of his testimony. Essentially oversimplifications and false equivocations. Such as: Asking if he believes there should be more research into the harms of cannabis (with only yes or no as the answer set), implying that it may not be well or fully understood. [Personal opinion] Allowing the state to argue that until it is fully understood a decision would be irresponsible to make, a delaying tactic. Or: Portraying the idea of legalization of Cannabis as a free-market model, when it has been clearly stated that state control is the best model for legalization. Interestingly there are essentially four models of Cannabis regulation: Prohibited, completely illegal except [sometimes] in circumstances such as research. (our current model) Decriminalized, activities related to Cannabis are seen as civil infractions not criminal ones. Which means fines/community service instead of jail/criminal records (Portugal) Legalized - State controlled, this is where Cannabis is legalized but regulated by the state. This can range from state only/state licensed production and distribution with sales and possession limits (like ammunition), to distribution only limits, such as only 5gramms per purchase etc. Legalized - Free Market, this is where Cannabis can be produced, consumed, distributed by anyone in the market with little to no regulation. As the expert says, and I must agree, State Controlled is probably the best option [a lax state control]. Cannabis does have harms, and abusing it does have negative effects, they are small but they exist. Policy should be to reduce the amount of harms in a given society while maximizing the benefit. Prof Nutt and many like him have done tons, and tons, and tons of research on this topic and are highly qualified to make these statements. It boils down to the fact that State Controlled gives users access to Cannabis should they want/need it without increasing overall usage by significant amounts, thereby minimizing the harms overall. The experts agree that moving people from an alcohol recreational use population to a Cannabis recreational use population is beneficial overall because the harms [of Cannabis] are so much lower to the individual, society, environment, & economy. But those who are not users of either, and have no medical need, should abstain from both. I assume the state is trying to make it seem: That there are unique factors in RSA that are unaccounted because the research is all eurocentric. Research is incomplete and there may be yet unidentified harms. That managing a cannabis market is not tenable in RSA. And as stated, even by Prof. Nutt, there are harms, and it is better to prevent harms than enable them. South Africa does not have the infrastructure nor overhead control to manage it effectively. Cannabis is already available for medical research and use. [albeit not easily] Personal opinions: An interesting point is I find people tend to glorify Cannabis as some sort of cure all and only good, or an evil destructive narcotic. The truth is that it is neither wholly good nor bad, it has benefits and it has harms. I find lots of people to be polarized in their view of Cannabis. P.S. Even the plaintiffs expert witness stated that driving under the influence of Cannabis is risky. By a factor of 2x the risk [as compared to sober driving], compared to alcohol which is 8x. Just an interesting thought looking at the poll on the homepage. And combining the the two is additive [10x] or even multiplicative [16x].
  22. About R 1000 all included The sensors are fairly cheap, the pi is about R280. Only issue is you need to either get a hammer installed header pin set or fire up a soldering iron for the pi zero You could rather get a RPi3 but they cost R700.
  23. @CerealKilla and @Totemic You'd need to learn how to use linux as a start. Then learn how to use terminal in linux You can start out by buying 1x "raspberry pi zero w" 1x headerpin set 1x case for RPiZw 1x 32GB microSD card to store the operating system 1x power supply RPi 2x DS18B20s (waterproof temperature probes) 2-4x DHT22 (humidity and temp sensors) 1x 4ch or 8channel relay depending on how many items you want to turn on or off You could use the temp probes to get accurate temp readings in the tent or in the DWC (if you have). You can use the DHT22s to measure relative humidity inside your cab/tent at different locations and externally. Then you would need an operating system to run the wireless webserver, Home Assistant is the easiest to setup and it has a built in webserver and can control the relays via GPIO. All in all I can help you guys are in CPT
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