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  1. You can always force hermie and create feminized seeds if you're short on space. It is what I will be trying this season. Helps a lot to be able to essentially shut down your operation during summer months and always have a backup for your favourite genetics.
  2. Howzit! Looking good, love the DIY. Just a note one the DHT11's, I find that they don't keep their accuracy and the DHT22 function much better - they're so cheap its easy to sort out. The DSB temp probes are also great because they give really good temp readings, and you can have 3, one by the roots, one by the canopy and one above the canopy - and they are waterproof! As for the coco, the hydroponics shop in Claremont has a great organic promix that works really well and is already buffered. My last grow in it gave great results.
  3. What happened to the exchange @420SA?
  4. Trickerst

    LED vs HPS

    Yeah I have a temp probe in my canopy - running my lights at around 70% (3x Vero29 3500K COBs being driven at 2.1a). My canopy temp is around 2 degrees hotter than the probe at the pot level.
  5. Pure coco will retain more water than soil. OP has mixed 30/40% perlite which should help. My concern was actually way more about the plastic pots as they don't breath well - even with holes. It would make sense that it only an issue now (mid-winter). It is colder, so less evaporation happens off of the soil medium, and the plant transpires less because it is cold. Which means the plant pulls less water out of the medium. To give an example, I have other plants I grow in plastic pots. I had to water them everyday in summer, and only once a week at the moment - I actually killed a plant by water twice a week at the moment. However, it could be something else, the only way to really test is to see if the same thing happens to the fabric pots in the same circumstances
  6. It looks kind of like over-watering, is why I asked. But Im not the most experienced grower.
  7. How dry are they at watering? What kind of pots do you have them in?
  8. Good to see the site is now working with HTTPS, as a side note.
  9. It doesn't. Only POTM had that text about a minimum of 20 votes.
  10. Trickerst

    High all

    Whats your setup? If you don't have one yet, what is your budget?
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