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  1. cheese420

    Seed Banks

    That is great news SSA! Bonza definitely do right by their customer service Amped to see what you do with these
  2. cheese420

    Hi from Johannesburg

  3. cheese420

    Green Cheese grow..

    Wow yeah I have never encountered something like that Hope you keep it growing though will be interesting to see how it turns out
  4. cheese420

    Leaves going white?

    Thanks for the replies gents! I hope its not the pH because I never normally have trouble with that in this soil but I guess its always a possibility @Totemic I am going to remove them and monitor her
  5. cheese420

    Leaves going white?

    Can anyone tell what the issue is with this plant? It is in the jamiesgardenshop soil, outdoors
  6. Hmmm I highly doubt it was from the transition from indoor to being outside if I am honest. I dont have much experience with LED but that to me does not seem likely It may have been the flush or seagro u added and caused the pH to go into a bad range for the plant What does the soil mix consist of?
  7. cheese420

    Dragon888 greetings!

    Welcome dragon! Think quite a few people from the old forum are glad they stumbled upon this one Did u go by the same name on weed.co.za?
  8. cheese420

    Welcome back to myself lol

    Welcome back man...amped to see another log up!
  9. cheese420

    DIY Sunday

    If I may throw my 2c in on your question....I wouldn't call it a common trait with fem seeds since many of the ones I have had look like healthy seeds similar to how those outdoor bagseeds look. I have received the more pale and lightish ones whch despite their size germinated just fine GSR's storage was probably shit and the seeds may have been old
  10. cheese420

    Attention Nutriplex users

    Its the 1.5ml Micro and 2.5ml Bloom per litre of water throughout veg....Flowering period is the same until about week 5 then start phasing out the micro Watered daily with pH strictly at 5.8 and maybe the odd 5.9 Its the ratio of 6ml micro/9ml Bloom per gallon for Lucas formula for coco
  11. cheese420

    Attention Nutriplex users

    Hmm...the feeding schedule I am on uses 1.5ml of micro per litre throughout and no Grow...Haven't had any deficiencies show up
  12. cheese420

    Attention Nutriplex users

    IMO I honestly don't think much calmag is necessary especially if you are using tap water...there is plenty available in the nutriplex as well As long as the pH is on point, they have enough available to them
  13. cheese420

    DIY Sunday

    Nice work Cereal! This will be interesting to watch unfold for sure!
  14. cheese420

    Seed Banks

    Yeees Dabz I received 2 GTH#1 from bonza last week....most expensive seeds I have ever purchased they were the fems though
  15. cheese420

    Seed Banks

    Yeah definitely Ah I agree to an extent...Just some breeders are more careless with their fems...but otherwise I havent had any hermi's from the one's I have ordered yet I want to try more RD gear and TGA, those will be regulars, so can do a nice comparison