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  1. I was looking at the HLG website this morning, sent email asking if they ship this way.
  2. You are either up early or hustling customers to check out before 10am brother....haha I see HH has also got qb's in store now but growopz is the cheaper of the 2 and favourite from what I read...
  3. Good morning mr.Joe I also use the same applications as you for feeding my girls.... If I may suggest look into sprouted seed teas, barley and popcorn sprout teas will make your girls smile and flourish.
  4. Cannabis cup is doing a solo cup comp. that's my entry for shits n giggles....
  5. Good morning to you ms.Shamen, nice to see another familiar face I know....haha. It's Smeegs ms.Wulf so how's the little one doing...

    Shes looking real healthy as I've been following your updates, mine is just carrying on as I kinda lost focus when I snapped one of the arms on my girl so now I'm sitting with a trident shaped plant....lol


    Have an amazing weekend....



    1. Shamen


      Thanks my dear friend. The weather this week very cold. But just glad there was some growth. Your trees are looking awesome

  6. For young plants chicken wire domes work well, but if you don't have access to chicken wire go to builders warehouse/mica or some hardware store.... 1m by 3m shade netting 40% ( R40-R50 )density and 3 sticks bout 200-400cm in length. Make a tripod with the sticks above your plant and then cut out shade cloth to fit. Use cut out design to do the rest of your cut outs from shade netting. It will stop cats, birds and this extreme heat we having from killing your girls at this young age. Growers up and down the country are crying right now outdoors cause our summer are only going to get hotter in years to come... Some guys are losing 10-100 young plants at a time up in nelspruit area I've seen/heard.
  7. Damn Danny, well judging by the response and advice from folk you've never met I reckon they might have more true honest friendship in common with you than your mate ( even though we never met him )...... I won't tell you about the " 3 hiccups " .......hahaha only kidding Everyone has their good traits and bad, some just prefer their bad traits above good and sometimes they aren't aware of it. But this ou is taking the piss and knows it.
  8. Never heard of you mr.Batista but if the boys are rallying to say howzit, well then nice to meet ya....
  9. Morning DannyH I actually chuckled when I read this now as I think by what I've read you remind me of my younger self....lol and I only turned 40 in May this year...haha. I'm honestly sorry to hear this " C..NT " has destroyed so much that has personal value to you.... Your meds you grow. Life is full of sentimental things that mean a lot to us personally but not to others. Your roomy is a " cause and reaction " type of guy, he's causes a situation to see the reaction he can get out it and learns from your reactions to find out what buttons he can push and what he can get away with.. call it subconsciously controlling you if you will, he's going to push your buttons till you go " fuck it " and let him get his way, so he's won a small victory cause he's broken you and knows next time he can start taking bigger chances cause the chances of him getting you to cave in to his wants... ( he only pinches a bud here and there and you let him get away with it cause it's easier than arguing so he's won, in 6 months time he starts helping himself to fresh product ) There is 3 bumps in the friendship cycle DannyH and if I'd known them when I was younger my life would of been easy sailing but maby not as much fun....haha 1st bump.... So you've been mates for however long and he fucks up to the point where this is the 1st bump but because you like to give the person the benefit of the doubt you proceed with the journey...... 2nd bump....So months or a cpl years have past and you both now approach the 2nd bump in your friendship/dealings in life and this is where that " niggly " I told you so moment passes through your mind as you recall the 1st bump, and now you start to wonder bout the effort you've put in and whether it's worth the time and effort in proceeding with the friendship or whatever the problem/situation is as the 3 bumps in life is applicable to almost any challenge you face... 3rd bump... Now sadly this is the bump because of my faith in human nature that I seem to find most often in my dealings with obstacles in my life because I let situations take advantage of me....So you have 2 choices now at this 3rd bump in the road that you are now approaching. You can either as you have done and that is turn around and go around the bump as its no longer going to be a bump in your future and carry on with a awsome life or if you decide going over the 3rd bump is worth it.......... Then as I have done with some of my 3rd bumps cause they are worth it I either get new shocks or let some air out the tires and proceed over the 3rd bump brother Danny... If you start learning to avoid/ go around bumps now it will serve you well in your later years.....
  10. So if your pot weighs 8kg dry and you water with 2lt and after she weighs 9.5kg then you only water again realistically when she's 8kgs again......Shout if ya need more help.
  11. I'm also guilty of the finger method of watering my plants, but try wait until your plant is almost totally dry without dying then pick her up and weigh her, so if she's 2kg dry weight feed her with X amount of water/nutes and then weigh her again and you'll have a base line to go by for a feeding schedule going forwards brother.... hope this helps....
  12. Ooh ok so a complex housing property presents a problem, but you could break down the hay bales and spread an even spread over the roof and put a tarp on top of the straw and weight it down.... Then set up a form of drip/running irrigation flowing down the length of corrugation roofing down the channels of corrugation... Cheaper than using lots of square bales and it also works well on the chicken hoks during summer until we discovered 1000 chickens body heat was counter productive to that idea....lol Or paint the roof Matt white so it reflects a lot of the heat and put drip/sprinkler irrigation on top of the roof to help keep cool....
  13. I don't know if you have access to square hale bales depending on how large your roof is, but hay bales on corrugated iron keeps temps down if you spray them daily as it holds in moisture... A farmer passed it on as he does that on his chicken hok.....
  14. Howdy Mello, as mr.Hemp pointed out do a journal so we can share in your triumphs.
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