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overnuted or Overwatered?


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Hi all, 

We had a few hot days in a row, 27-34c Celsius.

I have been trying not to overwater.

On thursday, 3 days ago i noticed leaves started looking strange, see below pic - i then followed with first introduction or nutes (atami bcuzz A + B soil at 1ml per L of each- i made a 20L BUCKET and watered each plant with roughly 3-4L the pots are 5gallon so watered under 25% of pot capacity.)

Water ph 6.3-6.5 run off after first nutes given 6.5 - 6.7

24 days old

Was i suppose to use 4L of the fert water when feeding or was i suppose to use 1L of the fert water and 2-3L of fresh water after?

I suspect this is due to being over nutted.. when i provided nutes for the first time was when soil was on the dry side. 


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I’m no salts grower but with my limited experience it looks like nutrient lock out due to a pH issue. I would make sure you have sufficient run off then watering your plants .

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