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Pig & Whistle

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Death of an institution. 

The original Pig & Whistle, Barthurst .

WW2 RAF pilots pub in the closest village to their base.

Best babootie in SA in my opinion. 

I was almost arrested on the closing night of the Pig & Whistle in Rondebosch for trying to nick their sign off the building front.

Sorry. Just think I need to mention I  hope the energy survives with the new owners. 


Sorry not herb related but I did light up on hearing about the sale of the establishment. 


@Chris Jay?? 

Hope it stays true.

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Hey, not sure its sold, its been on the market for just over a year now. It was R14 million and seems now 12 million. I might be wrong, but news travels fast here. 


Their babootie is great, but you should try their steak nights, epic, also asian nights on wednesday and sunday roasts. All great value for money. I am sure new owners will bring in a breath of fresh air to the establishment, and the current/previous owners have been wonderful for the place and  Bathurst village. 

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