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Hey! I'm new


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Hi! I'm new here. Please help me to feel more comfortable at this place. Recently i owned a little farm. As I was tending to the vegetables in the garden, I got the idea to plant some marijuana for my own use. The biggest problem is that I live in a country where it is illegal. So I'm open to talking about this topic, share your experience. It will be very interesting for me. Thank you in advance.

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    • By Khakibos
      Howzit people. 
      Here to learn and just see what's going on. I'm a grower, only been growing for 6 years and recently got into breeding to create/preserve strains I like. I grow outdoors, I know the basics of indoor growing but do not have my own setup. I prefer local genetics and love to dabble with bagseed. 
      I created this account for fun, just to share my experiences and hopefully learn a thing or two.
      Edit: I don't have any pics up on the forum yet but you guys can check out my instagram if you keen  SAgrower (@africangrown) • Instagram photos and videos 
    • By DreamWalker311
      Hi Growers
      I go by Dream, I'm a software developer who's into far to many hobbies and loves to deep dive into them.

      Main hobby of course being growing, I've currently only grown with Hydro using Coco, DMC and Kratky methods. 
      I've been growing for around a year now and currently switched from using EHG to Hortimix with my latest grows.

      Main reason for joining was seeing the AWESOME community and knowledge that is spread between everyone here. 

      Currently struggling with my latest grow in flower which has lead me to learn how to use Hydrobuddy with Hortimix to basically reproduce other formulas.
      Keep in mind I haven't been able to really test this yet and would like to share what I learnt with everyone here.

      Some photos of my grows:

      ^ Half my harvest still on the plant here ( Around last year Dec ).
      ^ President Seeds - Critical Churchill: Using EHG and an Autopot with Fabric

      ^ Can grow challenge on Instagram ( Harvested 2 weeks ago )
      ^ Samba Seeds - Auto Critical: Using Hortimix and a Can with ALOT of holes ( super important )

      ^ What's in my tent at the moment ( Around 2 weeks ago though ).

      ^ Planning to try this next 
    • By Psygrow_420
      Heyy all im an outdoor grower in south africa loving sungrown cannabis hope you all are good and hi to all !!! I wil be showing my upcoming outdoor grow here some autos and photoperiods ✌🌱💚
    • By donnob
      Howzit guys, just joined here, awesome to have a local community like this sharing this common interest. I'm looking forward to learning with you guys!
      Thought a fitting introduction would be to tell you about my grow set up.
      At the back of my property I have a small 3x3m room attached to my garage which has now become the grow room. I painted it out, coated the cement floor and replaced the glass windows with plexiglass so that I could lasercut appropriate holes for my ventilation. I 3D printed the louvers on the outside as well as the 100/150mm fittings for my ducting.
      2x 1.2x0.7x1.7m grow tents Tent 1 = 1x BestVA 1200W (240W draw), upgrade will have to wait a while 😄 Tent 2 = 2x Blurple lights (180W draw each), again, these are not ideal but get the job done for now 1x Ø150mm inline fan for extraction 2x Ø100mm inline fans for intake (1 for each tent) 4x Oscillating fans Bug barriers Temp/RH Displays Grow Media
      Short story:
      Circulating DWC
      Long story:
      I built my own little circulating DWC system with a reservoir for each tent. I have an air pump that has a manifold for 6 outlets so I pump that into each bucket including the res, obviously with a air stone in each. To circulate I sized down the 40mm piping to 12mm and push the water through using a submersible pump. In the net pots I have my germinated seed in a rockwool starter cube and filled with clay pebbles.
      For nutrients, at the moment, I'm using TA Tri Series, formerly GHE. I got a silica and oxygen boost from @GrowGuru that works pretty well and I finish off with Ripen 
      What's in the box?
      Currently I have 2x Dinafem Big Kush's in week 2 of flower in the the tent on the right and 2x Dutch Passion Durban Poison in week 3 of veg in the left tent.
      I guess that's about it for my intro

    • By afternoon blazer
      What up 420 Fam.
      On to the next.
      2 purple sunset autos
      And a few bags for fun and games. 
      PS1  8 days. Looks like it had some strugles
      PS2 and the rest 3 days
      Week 1 . Seagrow dilution
      Gona try some LST on these autos. 
      Lets roll 💪
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