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Leaf Issues common to all four of my plants


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Good day growmies,

  • I am growing in Orgasoilux.
  • I use dechlorinated tap water.
  • Once a week I feed with Environoc Biodyne and Epic 5:2

This is when each of the plants became afflicted with the "rusty"DSC_8234.thumb.JPG.e12b3afb063f136450eb7baaabde83a4.JPGDSC_8235.thumb.JPG.8a8b14167e719d4feaa0b652c5883e11.JPGDSC_8236.thumb.JPG.1bad564be4ae6e37bb67ab85d48bd92d.JPGDSC_8237.thumb.JPG.4e1ad0dda912a71c0cdeff611c87d9f3.JPGDSC_8238.thumb.JPG.b7990817878c07c38d6ed71d6920a3f5.JPGDSC_8239.thumb.JPG.1ae0487e565946e91674719666c51e61.JPG leaf issue:
CK         day 25

LB         day 8

BB2      day 17

WC       day 24

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I've had that in almost every grow. Didn't lead to complications at all. My guess is that it's a micro nutrient issue. I wouldn't stress too much unless it starts affecting the plant in a big way.

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