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Trooper's First Public X ( 1 )

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Hey Family, 

So some of you may know I have dabbled in breeding before, albeit very small and private. 

Time has come, for me to do it full onđŸ’„

I'll be Crossing, an Amnesia Cookies, that my partner and I have just Crossed and we have a male ready to go, which was an Amnesia Haze and Ethos Cookies Cross we did.

I will update the list tomorrow of the girls that are currently having an orgy with our strain that we have named DonAsh, which is a dedication to someone who passed.

These seeds, from this Cross and Breeding, will be given out as gifts on the forum for members to grow out, free.

Trooper 🙏

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The Crosses are going to be as follows. 

Amnesia Cookies (DonAsh) Male

X with



Frosted apricot


Juggling  Canon Balls

Ethos Cookies

Jet Fuel

These are all together right now, the male about 3 weeks in action, and the females a week now.

Regular updates to follow of course, so please check by often or tag the post.

Thank you 

Trooper 🙏


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