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Cannabis is the human companion plant

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Great to know the author of a newly published book has finally completed her works. Sista Vee Nohombile as a herbalist has worked with the medical aspects of cannabis sativa for several decades. The book is for sale in good stores or can be directly ordered from her FB page, THC Plant.

"Cannabis is the Human Companion Plant was born out of the urgent need to publish an introductory
guide-line as to how the recently discovered human Endocannabinoid System (EC system, ECS) works,
and the truth about the importance of the Cannabis plant to our health. As the writer it is important for
me to present this vital information in such a way that even ordinary, non-medical people will be able to
read with relative ease, even if they have never heard about Cannabis before. There is no doubt that
people need scientific proof, and everyone should absolutely always insist on scientific evidence. The
challenge has always been to search for literature and scientific proof about the healing properties of the
Cannabis plant, and then to correlate authentic scientific evidence with ancient knowledge carried down
by generations of herbalists and traditional healers."




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I am making my purchase tonight, I have followed her work for years and know its going to be a hell of a read and learning curve. What i love is she lives, breathes cannabis, and put it in words for us to understand more about the queen of the jungle. Its not just someone hopping on the bandwagon. I know I am go read it under my plants, outdoors, in the sun, STONED.

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Only a pleasure bud and well done supporting local. She is a great person, healer and in love with cannabis. Her book is brilliant and I can recommend it to anyone interested in knowing more about the real medical facts about cannabis.


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