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Haifa Spliff Range

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Good Day

I would like to hear from the guys that are currently using this line.Are you using it in soiless/ water culture and how has the experience been?

They come in 25kg bags, the range comprises of s1,s2,s3 and then calprime (so 4x 25kg bags).thnx


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I used it, however I have since moved over to GHE nutes.

@CreX is using it now I believe.


Very cheap nutes. Although Hortimix is also very cheap and works well too. Haifa is a bit of a mission to mix as it takes a while to dissolve.

With Hortimix I just mixed it into 5L bottles and used the liquid in the needed ratios, but I did up the strength on the Hortimix. Hortimix is also available in smaller quantities.

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