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Draft cannabis bill ‘completely misses the mark’

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Hey man! 

Yeah, as it stands they have given us their written requirements. Across the world there’s been a standard of prohibition. Looks like the way it will go for now with improvements, improvements how far is what matters. 

I do feel as though more legislation or regulation is still to come. Something that could be sufficient for regulating organizations, members, clubs, non-profits. From a formal and informal standing. This would mean even more understanding and education across the board. 

I received the bill for Malawi, it recognizes all the above mentioned characters and how to regulate them, so nobody is ill minded here.

Criminalizing people is what is the biggest issue I would think. So that should be the main point and the rebuttal going forward. Regulation is a given. 

Opportunity should also be made but I don’t make the laws... So much potential.

This is a article by the Charl mentioned in that article. 


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