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TD-500 Silent Extraction Fan

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Hi guys
Manage to score a S&P TD-500 extraction fan for free from my neighbor.
My grow space is 1,3m x 1,5m and 2,4m tall.

By my calculations, this fan is a bit "overkill" for the space i have. Is there something as "too much extraction"?

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Not really... If it is a bricked area... Then you can suck the shit out of the room....

But if it is a tent then yes you can have too much extraction.... 

Imagine cuscking the air out of a soda can... It will crumple inwards if the supports are not strong enough. 

You can buy a variable resistor to adjust the extraction. 

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A variable resistor will set your house on fire. You need a variable transformer aka variac (expensive) or a triac based dimmer.

Why not blow through the area. Put the fan on the intake. Pressurise the room. Negative pressure in the room will suck dust and stuff into the room. Put a filter on your intake.

I run a positive pressure tent as a veg room. Walls push out, so gives me more space. The walls don’t suck in onto my plants. I’m not worried about smell.

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