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  1. We fronted this fella a few grand for a lekker jet ski or some shit. Will get our beans after he is done playing with his new toy.
  2. Fucking sorry bunch you are, when the extent of your customer service is unanswered messages on another entity's forum.
  3. This is both a relief( that there is an actual product) and infuriating (considering I ordered before you and have recieved absolutley fuck all).
  4. I personally dont think they are takkng the money. I would have preferred if they notified me of the logistical backlog before I ordered. There's an opportunity cost + actual cost, for those who rely on a harvest its quite damaging. We all want the real breeder genetics in the original packaging. I just want it communicated to me that the cost of the seed is whatever+ plus a poes long delivery time. That way, I have the choice of, am I rather gonna expedite my grow with kakker seeds, or wait for your amazing seeds. I hope that puts my specific issue in perspective here. TLDR, I don't suspect they pocketed the money. I feel like they saw an opportunity allow purchases despite a logistical backlog.
  5. @batista They did deliver, quite quick I must say. Was in there own packaging. 3 of the 4 popped. The Autos are on day 15 now. Will send picture when there is more veg. Did you ask them If they breed themselves?
  6. @Aeradix is this still a possibility?
  7. Sorry I meant Purple Sunset auto. Purple punch is another one I Was researching.
  8. Hi does anybody have experience with this vendor. The one strain I purchased was Purple Punch Auto. I have been trying to find information on the strain, but cant find anything except a small farm in CA called gassin farms that sell it. 2- pronged question, can I trust this vendor to sell what they said they are selling; Does anybody know the strain ?
  9. Yes, was exactly my reasoning as well.
  10. @Cannabist I've sent emails to no avail. The website lists my order as waiting for import. Can I count my seeds among those that would be delivered by the end of the week? Much has been said about the lack of communication. It feels a bit like you are treating our orders as a de facto interest free cash loans atm.
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