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  1. Good afternoon lovely imbibers;) I am a new outdoor grower from Middelburg,  Mpumalanga and after perusing this site, I realize I've stuffed up royally because I didn't do nearly enough research! I just planted some seeds from reasonable but not at all amazing stuff.  I am now after auto-flowering sativa strains and went on a couple of seed sites-they charge R650 but don't say for how many:( As they take a month or so to deliver, can I still plant then (roughly mid  October? Or to save waiting, is there anyone in my area who may have seeds available-I am prepared to drive;) Any pointers or suggestions are most welcome, thanks

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    2. Tanjam


      Ps I lack patience so your last suggestion is a bonus;)

    3. Tanjam


      Excellent;))) Cheers;)

    4. Tanjam


      Hey BC, Thanks for the biltong and budz tip-just had  a delivery of a few autoflowers-can I just plant them straight into a big pot or must I put them in seedling trays? I read that they're sensitive and don't like being transplanted.

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