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  1. I think I’m over analyzing. It’s a slow changing system, so it is as simple as drop-mix-measure. This only addresses pH in one direction? So glad I saw your approach, was about to start this process from scratch!
  2. Ahhh. I did a lot PDI controller coding at varsity... will need to do some serious catch up and refreshers in PLC to get your type of setup going. Controlling the pump to address pH... there must be some serious dead time/lack of proportionality issues with that... or did you get around that by pre-mixing an acidic buffer and pumping as the pH goes up? I’m a bit confused how the impeller needs to be controlled to affect pH? Sounds like a really fun DIY project!
  3. Advanced stuff. Really interested in how that turns out and any testing you do. I wanted to setup my Raspberry onto something like that eventually, doing pH now. Still figuring it out.
  4. Growing a random outdoor seed alongside a Dinafem (20% THC, 6 week flowering, non autoflowering, feminized) seed. Will use exact same conditions, just to see the outcome. Any tried this before? 

    I hope the outdoor becomes a female! 


    1. iHigh


      I planted a dinafem seed outdoors beginning november last year, and still waiting for harvest, prob another month away, strange plant.

      The bush is massive beyond belief - being eaten by caterpillars though, weep, weep ,


  5. Nice one with the spectro. I want to go that route too! PARs don’t tell the whole story without knowing those wavelength breakdowns. I’m gonna work on that this week.
  6. @Trailblazer420 I do sometimes wonder if it makes more sense to get a luxmeter and use a conversion factor to estimate pars, based on the cost of the quantum’s.
  7. I spent 6-7k on the sensor, with friends. I have other uses for it, checking ‘cold’ spots in my other grows. I do DIY and have multiple SMD and COB setups that I test. Like I said, everyone just wants to sell their gear without the test results. I MUST know, there are too many variables... Haha
  8. I’d love to hire/lend it out. Just nervous about guys damaging/not returning it etc. If anyone has suggestions, I’ve tested the hell out of my grow area already. I find with lighting everyone has a theory and nobody does the testing.
  9. I’m really curious as to how LED burn works, I’m hanging my lights at 15cm which seems way closer than advised, but the temperature is fine and my readings say 800 directly under them... so it should be fine/ideal?
  10. @greenkush I tested using an Apogee SQ520 quantum meter. Was expensive but I got tired of guessing.
  11. I’ve been using multiple 65W HLG grow lights and getting 800PPFD when hung 15cm from the canopy with no burn. How close were your lights to get that and do you know the resultant PPFD?
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