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  • Current strains growing
    Malawi Gold (M & FM), Northern Lighs AF, Lemon Diesel, Swazi x'ed/w C&C AF (F1)
  • Preferred growing medium or system
    Soil w/ Sphagnum Peet moss, vermiculite & perlite. (50%+25%+20%+5%)
  • Preferred Lighting
  • Favourite Strains
    Malawi Gold, Acapulco Gold, Swazi Red aka Rooibaard, Northern Lights, GSC, C&C..,
  • Grow Room Setup
    1.6m sq wall lined space for veg/flower with a dimmable 450W Quad Board LED, 2.2L Humidifier & 30w fan and 1.2m sq lined space for seedling/veg with 2x 65W Full Spectrum LED Panels & 30w fan.
  • Preferred Nutrients
    Water Feed- BioGrow, BioBloom. Soil Feed- Kelp Meal, Blood Meal, Molasses, Basalt, Gypsum & Epsom Salts
  • Indoor or Outdoor
    Indoors and Outdoors
  • Preferred Medicating Methods

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  1. My selected Malawi Gold Male - RWC Ready 😄 Go Bokke! 🇿🇦


    Already chucked some pollen on a lovely aromatic NL Auto female, I dubbed jelly tots - cause that what she smells like20230829_135141.thumb.jpg.4ac494a2a096401723cfeab4ca125432.jpg

    Got some seeds of her 3 to be exact 😄 ( I just pollinated 1 bud like 4 weeks before harvest - didn't think the MG pollen was going to be ready so soon, lol but took a shot on 1 bud and I got 3) All 3 sprouted this past weekend and 1 is out the blocks already. 🙂 


    Moms curing at the moment, but ofc we had to sample a piece for science xD - Boom - instant uplifting high and relaxing body buzz - Classic Northern Lights.

    So mom is one of the seeds from greenssmokeroomsa, and her linage (NL#2 x NL#5) x Auto Indica and Dad has been sourced by gsrsa themselves and as you can see dad is pollen loaded. I will probably post a grow diary for the F1's when they are done and tested.

    The Swazi and Cookies and cream babies - from the cookies & cream diary are also flowering already 3 weeks in. But I will post that in another update 🙂

    Happy growing and GO Bokke!:rastabanana

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