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  1. sad I didnt make the cut, good luck to the 8 peeps up for this one.
  2. Reaper


    Holy Fuck, This was one of the dodgiest interviews ever. These guys never said anything substantial in that entire interview, Niks, VOKKOL!! That guy should not have been the face of what they are going for, he looked like he was Jonzin when they got halfway through Dodgy as Fhuuuck!
  3. My Last Harvest. had many issues and strain/stress on the plant due to Underfeeding and basically starving her out. Luckily recovered and I harvested some of the finest nugs Ive grown! First Time out of many grows that my Colas foxtailed in such a pattern that it looks like Flower petals, strange and beautiful! Buddha Cheese 80x80 Tent 400W HPS Freedom Farms + Biobizz Range
  4. Sup Mellow, Id just pull it now if I was you.
  5. @LED God This is a place for local growers to help and share info. The last thing we need here is someone like yourself... I see nothing of value or relevance added from any of your comments. but what I can see is that you are one Hypocritical Narcissist with a bit of a superiority complex and a splash of Bipolar sprinkled on top. There are some good people here, No one here takes interest in any pissing contests or condescending slants towards one another. So unless you wish to contribute in a respectful and positive manner, I'd suggest you move along nicely and get going to whatever 'major' international circles you move in.
  6. Call them, They are awesome and this tent is befok man!! you wont be sorryy
  7. I just set up the Mammoth tent to check it out and I can only say... Holy Fucking Hell This is a Nice tent!! The quality is TOPS for price I paid!! Super Strong and sturdy, very good quality mylar and material and comes with hooks, hangers and Straps! Service from Hydro Herb Africa is Tops too, best for me out of all the shops Ive dealt with!!
  8. And I have found what Im looking for. have a Mammoth Pro 120 on the way to me! Absolutely Epic service from HydroHerb Africa!!! Very Friendly and Verry helpfull!! Props to them for the Service!
  9. Yeah same thing. and hydro will only have stock on these Mars tents in 2 months time. I think im going with a mammoth tent though.
  10. Shaaat, The more I look around the more I see decent size tents are outta stock... Decriminalization is doing well for the Hortishops.
  11. Greetz Growers! I am in the process of Upgrading my setups and am looking for a Grow shop in the CT area where I might be able to get some discount or use a coupon. Does any one know of a store that might work? There is a bunch of stuff im looking for but my main need is a1.2x1.2 tent... Ive checked with Hydro and they have everything I need BUT the tent, their next size tent is the 1.5x1.5 and it would work, but its R500 more than my budget so I need to make another plan. I would also like to buy everything I need from one shop. Any one know who else sells the 1.2x1.2? or the 1.5x1.5 at the same price? Thanks!
  12. Howsit @Trailblazer420! Its very simple depending on which process or method you use. You could simply use Kief or Dab. If you use Dry herb then you would need to do an alcohol extraction 1st to get a thc tincture that you would use instead of kief or dab. If you go with Kief then its a bit more time as you will have to do multiple filtrations. - Take Kief and place in PG only. - Put it in a hot water bath. Not boiling just hot. leave it there until its room temp, repeat this 2 or 3 more times. Once done filter the kief PG mix through (unbleached) coffee filters. On the 1st filter I only use 1 filter. on the second I do two and if needed Ill do a third filteration with 2 filters. once done with all this you now have a THC Concentrate suspended in PG. Now you can vape this directly on a Dripper tank or you can go on to mix this further into a Vape juice using your PG (Propelyne Glycol) , VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and various flavors plus nicotine of you vape nic. If you go with Dab - You simply take your dab and dissolve it in some PG that you have heated up in the hot bath method. Once done you can vape this directly on a dripper tank or go ahead and mix it into a Vape juice with some PG (Propelyne Glycol) , VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and various flavors. I personally prefer using Dab for this as its alot cleaner and much easier to get into the final product. Lemme Know if you need actual measurements
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