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  1. Why he got it is a long story but when I was in about standard 4 (95-96’ish) my dad got a non-runner from my uncle. We towed it to our house, parked it and then nothing happened. St 8 I told my dad I want the Mini. He said sure, but you’re going to have to fix it yourself and he bought me a Haynes Workshop Manual. I spent my St8 and St9 school holidays completely rebuilding it. Had it until 2008... I sometimes drove it, most of the time I was fixing it 😂 I didn’t have space for it at my place since I had to buy a “more reliable” (read: less fun) car for work so it stayed at my parents place until they moved and I, very reluctantly, had to sell it. I miss my Mini. There’s a Mini Workshop in Benoni who specializes in 16v conversions and there’s a guy around here who has a Mazda Rotary engine Mini (Mazda RX8 engine). That’s just lunacy.
  2. Man, I had a 1275 in a Mini Mayfair (the one with the round lights), you don’t need more power than that. Just avoid straight roads 😂 That thing handles like a go-cart, but you don’t need to wear a helmet. One day I’ll have one again.
  3. Zaskar09


    Just because someone is paying taxes doesn’t make it legal. All the good criminals pay taxes, well, all the good criminals since Al Capone.
  4. The majority of the light coming through now is: 1. Below the doors where I still need to add “trim”. 2. Between the doors and the side panels is a slight gap caused by the hinges, I still need to add “weatherproofing?” (That foam stuff that comes on a roll with a sticky side). I’ll also add that around the door frame for a tighter seal against the “trim”. 3. Some pop rivets that pulled through, top and bottom where side panels joins floor/ceiling and where the door paneling is attached - aluminum tape. 4. I have no idea how to make the passive intakes light proof, but I don’t think it’s going to be too much of an issue.
  5. Thanks, I think it should work. Exhaust is on the roof (6inch, 240m3/h - works out to all the air inside replaced every 30 seconds), venting outside so not in the same room. Passive intakes will be located on the side panel that you see when the doors are open (4 x (15cm x 15cm) holes, obviously as close to the bottom as possible), this gives me an intake:exhaust ratio of 5:1 which I believe is optimal? That side there’s about 20cm between the cabinet and a wall so that’s the side I’m the least worried about light getting in/out.
  6. Doors are on, still need to do some light proofing 😂
  7. They had the Amherst Sour Diesel I wanted for R100 less than Trophy Seeds but with shipping it was R50 more (their shipping was R250 vs R100 from Trophy Seeds).
  8. Got some work done, baby is sleeping so I can’t cut the paneling for the doors. That’ll have to wait for the weekend.
  9. It’s not a bad thing if there’s a few earthworms in my super soil right? I make my own ewc and I guess I missed a few cocoons when I harvested my castings. Do you think they’ll survive the cook?
  10. @Pat999 @Bospatrollie2 Will do, will probably only get around to it over the weekend again though
  11. Hi all, Since this will be my first grow and I plan on mostly growing outdoors (when the seasons allow) I didn’t really want to spend money on a tent. I decided to build a cabinet with stuff I had lying around. The only thing I bought for this build is the light. It’s not quite done, I still need to build the doors, seal the joints, paint, tidy wiring and install ducting (which I’ll also have to buy). Size: 1m x 1.4m x 1.7m Construction: Steel angle iron (repurposed shelving), 3mm Masonite (white one side, left overs from kitchen redo, that’s what’s on the back of your cupboards), Active exhaust (6” bathroom ceiling fan, my wife complained it’s too loud for the bathroom), passive inlet (for now, I’ll see what the temps do), 600w HID light (magnetic ballast, outside cabinet), I reinforced the roof with a few planks so it doubles as extra storage space. I built it in an outside store room, the room has a corrugated roof with a ceiling and it’s shaded by a big tree. It’s always a bit cooler in there than anywhere else on the property. Let me know if you have any suggestions. This wasn’t supposed to be a stealth build, I know it looks suspicious af. 😂
  12. @Trailblazer420 Magnetic, it is outside the cabinet 😉
  13. Quick update: I was a bit busy this weekend. Not nearly done yet but it’s getting there. Like I said this is a Frankenstein build, the only stuff I bought is the light. Still need to build the door, seal the joints and paint. Light: 600w Lumii HPS (will get MH lamp) Extractor: 6” bathroom ceiling fan (ducting into roof space still needs to be done. Passive intake, 1m x 1.4m x 1.7m. I made the roof a bit stronger than needed for additional storage space. Excuse the mess, I still need to clean up the wiring etc (and the room) 😂
  14. Hi all, I used to sit behind a desk the whole day, sitting behind a desk allowed me to follow my dream and buy a small farm. Now I’m a part-time organic vegetable farmer, full-time father of one. Just about to start growing (on request from a friend) haven’t smoked in 15 years, but will definitely sample my own 😂
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