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  1. I've only ever done one outdoor grow before, and one indoor grow that I aborted because four out of five of the plants turned out to be male (I used the remaining female for cloning). My indoor grow area is an unused shower that I've lined with panda film. As I'm only starting out now properly I don't have much in the way of equipment so I'm just seeing how far I can get with what I have. I did however get a bestva 1000W from @trichomechaser over the weekend, which is quite an upgrade from the CFL monstrosity that I was using for the previous failed grow. I've kept two CFLs for the edges, because... why not? Space inside is not bad (2nd photo has my clones hardening off for a couple of hours atm) Air flow is *very* DIY, three high speed PC fans in a pipe made from coke bottles (lol). Some electronics hobby interest from the past came in useful and I've got two DHT11s monitoring the temperature and humidity in the grow area and my clone box. So I can say that for now my ridiculous fan system is actually keeping the temperature in a reasonable range. I'm pretty sure that by summer it will be a different story but perhaps I'll just grow outside again then. Here are two of the graphs, one showing temperature and one showing humidity. The large fluctuations are when I opened the grow area (red) and clone box (green) and watered/misted. My goal in entering the grow off is to learn from what everyone else is doing. It is going to be incredibly useful to be able to compare what I'm trying vs a bunch of grows started at exactly the same time.
  2. Seeds collected from @Justin Hemp today, thanks!
  3. Partly because I was just interested in the technique and wanted to try it out, and partly because I did not have a good place for a dry cure. This was my first ever grow so I was nervous to dry cure without having a better place to dry cure and ensure I did not get mold etc. But yeah, mainly just "because" (it was just a fun thing to try). No worries at all. I'm here to learn as much as possible, the more questions the better! I saw an article say that too, after I had already started. However I have not seen any real detail on that so I'm not sure how definitive that is. I'll need to read up so more. I think it worked out well enough for the cannabutter. I suspect I'll be dry curing from now on despite that. Overall I'm glad I tried something different/odd this stuff is fun :), but yes my next cure will be traditional. I've never looked into that. I'll read up. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, it definitely does. That is the tradeoff, smother smoke, less smell but less flavour. Probably better for edibles than smoking because of that. Yeah, definitely. I've got three different strains of mothers I'm starting on now. Exciting times
  5. Great thanks! For a while there it did not look like cannabis at all 🙂
  6. Hi and welcome @highjinx I'm also fairly new to cannabis, but I'd 100% agree with @Dank there. Start really slowly otherwise you or your wife can end up having a bad experience and be scared off and end up missing out on the benefits. My wife takes cannabutter most days and that has worked really well for anxiety. You just need to start with a very low dose and slowly increase until you get the effect you want. Just remember with edibles it can take hours before you feel anything, so it is easy to over do it if you are not careful. Making your own oil/butter is quite easy and then you'll have a much better idea of how strong it is. Good luck, I hope your grow goes well
  7. Interesting thanks. I've been adding new clones so I've kept it closed the whole time. But yeah at least one of the clones did not look that great after planting in soil. I'm now letting them root under very weak lighting, I'll see if that helps
  8. I did not clone my cali-orange before it flowered. So at harvest time I cut a few stems to try reveging. It has been pretty successful but there was some really strange growth initially which I was not expecting. Firstly the plant started looking a bit unhealthy which I was expecting. What was strange was a few club shaped leaves on quite long stems and then a few leaves with very smooth edges. Is that normal? The new growth is now finally looking healthy so I'm guessing it was just while the plant was adjusting to the rather severe changes I forced on it
  9. The bubbler is way simpler and seems to be working very well. Its as ridiculously DIY as possible Small CFL light in ice cream container resting on the lid Two plastic containers of the same size make a good humidity dome Bottom one filled with water Fish tank air-stone + air-pump Fish tank heater at 21C Two ice-cream containers with holes cut in them floating in the water. I've used polystyrene to make plugs for the holes and hold the seedling stems. Stems are in the water. (I've seen it done both ways, in the water was simpler and seems to be working fine for me) I did end up using the ultrasonic mister, on for 15 mins every hour, to keep the humidity up. But I'm sure that misting by hand would work just as well My first 5 white widow clones from the bubbler about to be planted
  10. I'm really late here, if I'm in time I'd love to participate (Bloubergstrand side)
  11. Nope . The ultrasonic humidifier gets quite warm, the water was around 29 C, way too hot... I had to get an air pump and convert to a bubbler
  12. I had a cover over the plants but it was not closed so there was no "humidity dome". The kush clones (top row in pic) all wilted terribly overnight. I've made a proper dome and cut the leaves in half (suggested multiple places online, to reduce transpiration). Within an hour the clones are already less droopy.
  13. I've just made a clone box from some supplies I had lying around. I'm trying an ultrasonic mister as I've heard that they work as well as a bubblers. The mister is floating in a block of polystyrene to ensure its always at the required depth, I've got a small fish tank heater running at ~22 C and a single cool white 15w CFL. Lets see if I get any roots in the next week...
  14. I'm busy doing cannabutter right now as it happens 🙂. Good luck with the caps
  15. Hi @Stinger96, here is a graph that shows effect of heat on THC content. You need to heat the flower to convert from THCA to THC (etc), notice how the THC content peaks and then slowly declines. So follow the graph roughly to work out the time and temperature you need to get to the peak but not too far past it. Also are you doing alcohol extraction or make cannabutter/oil?
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