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420SA Annual Member Awards 2016

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420SA Annual Awards 2016


Greetings folks


Many apologies for getting this year's annual awards going so late. Due to personal circumstances (relocating) I wasn't able to get to this at the end of November, like last year.


Better late than never though so let's find us some worthy winners :thumbups


This year we'll be handing out the following award badges


  • Grower Of The Year
  • Snapshot Of The Year
  • Tree Of Knowledge
  • Rookie Of The Year
  • Most Active User
  • Bystander Of The Year




....this year's winners for Grower Of The Year, Snapshot Of The Year, Tree Of Knowledge, Rookie Of The Year & Most Active User will each receive their very own 420SA T-Shirt!!!


As last year, we'll be taking nominations from all members on the forum. All you have to do is submit your nominations to the following topics below:


Grower Of They Year 2016

Snapshot Of They Year 2016

Tree Of Knowledge 2016

Rookie Of The Year 2016


Myself & Toby will be trimming down the nominee lists. Should it be necessary in the case of ties etc, we'll decide the winners


Good luck to you all!

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Where do we nominate for Most Active User & Bystander Of The Year?


Those prizes are determined by forum statistics but opening it up for nomination might not be such a bad idea. I'll get those threads going

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Right... so we didn't get many nominations coming in so I'm gonna sit down this weekend and gather some nominees for the vote (along with Toby's input) and then we'll get the polls going next Monday :thumbups



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We need to get the average stoner on the forum.


We need some pamphlets for festivals etc.. get the whole cannabis community on this forum


Always been a goal of mine of course but I need someone who will be willing to hand out such pamphlets and promotional material. Preferably one of the JHB folk as a lot of cannabis related events tend to take place there.


I'll need to be able to send the material to via post so if anyone is interested please drop me a PM

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I must apologise about the Annual Awards 2016 but I've decided to kill it as I really don't have the time right now to sift through the forum and find worthy nominees. Coupled with the fact that barely any nominations were submitted. There was an emergency on the weekend that I promised to gather the nominees so unfortunately time has just gotten away from us I'm afraid.


Hopefully 2017 will be a lot more involved



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