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Blackened Leaves


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Hi guys, Jacques here, starting up a new grow and got a hold of this clone. Leaves seem to be blackening. I'm thinking nitrogen abundance and possible nutrient burn? 

An identification of the issue plus some interventions would be greatly appreciated. Thank!





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Hi @Jacquesd183 hope all is well on your side 🤙 

The black is a presence of Anthocyanins, they show up in times of stress, more so light stress. (not the light you put on, I mean light as in -not heavy-) usually it's more related to cold weather. when the temperatures of your grow space go below a certain °C it'll throw out Anthocyanins. Some other triggers too, such as root zone problems. Nature, as things naturally happen, shows more rapid growth during summer/spring when things are warmer. When things cool down, they also slow down. Obviously this means, less watering, and you have to add the fact that there will be less evaporation during cold, so anything that's wet stays wet for longer. If that's the case you also have to reduce feeding as you can very easily over feed a plant that's on a slow mo mode.

From what I can see all I can say is - I think it may be root zone related. That doesn't narrow it down too much really, because I can still be wrong. 

The thing is with plant diagnosis', even if you see something you're 100% sure of what it is, it's next to impossible to ever just see a plant once and make a diagnosis without the right information on the background. Like when a person goes to the GP, you don't run in and they hit you with a box of pills and then you good. It doesn't work like that. You sit with the GP and he will ask "Ok, so what got you here, did you eat something and then get sick? Did you run around in the cold rain for too long? Did you take any medication? Did you get bitten by something? Did you...... bla bla bla whatever they ask. Cause the immediate history, or the more current events surrounding "the problem" will give all indication as to what the proper diagnosis would be. 

Same with your plant, you have to tell us what you doing to get it there. Why you saying Nitrogen, like what is making you say that? You being heavy handed with nutes? You gotta tell us what you feed, how often you feed, how much per feeding. What soil/medium you growing (organics and synthetics are worlds apart, issues and diagnosis' are all different) we gotta know all that shit before we can say what you doing wrong there. 

The reality is that you may see 1 thing, but there are at least 10 or more problems that can show that response and it's the same as with every plant problem. For example, the most common one, is nutrient lock out. People will gooi with the feeding, then see the plant showing deficiencies, so they gooi even more and more nutes. Meanwhile, the roots have burnt and now locked out certain nutes. So it's a catch 22. You'll only pick up on that if you really know what you doing, or if you don't a runoff EC test will tell you if you over feed or under feed. 

Keeping in mind that EC for organics and synthetics differ again, so here it comes back to what kinda growing you doing there. what nutes you used and how much of it. 

and we could still be wrong, cause it may be something other than nutrient/root zone related. 

hows your fan setup? not blowing directly on the plant? environment is key. also, spots that look like they form circles or small seperate "colonies" usually indicate a living thing, such as a fungus. I feel like I almost see a pattern on that leaf with the spots, check out Leaf Septoria. This happens from too much moisture in the air. This ties in with everything else I said, if your soil is too wet too long, gona cause septoria, roots and everything will slow down and cool down and nute uptake will slow down..... yeah.... so you gotta first give us a better run down of what you doing over there. This "guru saw my plant and immediately knew what's wrong" is complete bullshit, the more someone wants to sound like a guru with minimal background the more full of shit they are. 

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