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Pest control


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So my follow neighbors had decided to call the police on me an report me to the animal cruelty society bare in mind i am a animal lover i just reached a point where i cont deal anymore so im killin the mofo's.

4 of my neighbors throws all there left over bread out every morning attracting hundreds of pigeons once they are done with there breakfast feast all these pigeons come sit on my roof an shit all over my cars, washing, yard an my PLANTS.  it might seem funny but try an relate to my frustration...

So i spoke to them an asked them to stop or to build a pigeons hok by 1 of there houses so the pigeons can gather there as they love these pigeons they did not respect me enough to do so.

So i lost my mind took out my riffle an went on a pigeon killing spree it was a massacre.

I concided this pest control as you would do with rats etc.

Do they have a valid case against me?

Lol some advise please

#100s of pigeons shit over my cars plants an washing so yes i headshotted no warning shots


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