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UV Sterilizers


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14 hours ago, Dookie69 said:

I’ve seen this sort “dangerous” UV being used in marine fish tanks, where the object is to run a completely sterile environment, ie no good bacteria and no bad bacteria. The light lives in a black tube which forms part of the under-tank filtration system. The tanks have a finite amount of water which pass at a high hourly rate through the UV filter.

Wrong. This is a common misconception, UV sterilization on marine tanks has to do with keeping free floating algae spores in check, it damages the DNA thus not enabling them to replicate. Heterotrophic bacteria in marine ecosystems primarily adhere to the surface of the glass and rock work, thus using UV has very little effect on the bacteria in the system, you actually need good bacteria in the marine tank in order to do conversion of NH3=>NO2−=>NO3-, without this extremely import conversion your live stock would die.

I run both UV (55watt) and Ozone (200mg/hour) on my marine tank.

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36 minutes ago, PsyCLown said:

I personally do not use copper soap, aq sf can be sprayed in veg as well.


In veg sulphur sprays are what I typically do, normally just one before I flip to flower and then can do a preventative aq sf spray in flower on a weekly basis.

If you have a PM issue, then perhaps sulphur on a weekly basis to prevent PM and then once in flower switch to aq sf, if you notice any PM then bump up the aq sf dose.


If purchasing the aq sf and other sprays from Jamies garden shop, go for the 1L and not the 250ml.

I have purchased both and suspect the 250ml is just decanted with a printer label stuck on and at times have not noticed the usual globs floating around like in the 1L version - so makes me wonder whether they shook the 1L before decanting into 250ml bottles.

Also keep the aq sf in the fridge to help extend the shelf life.

Thanks bud


Struggling to find the Sulphur spray in JHB. What brand do you recommend? What about Neem in veg as a preventative?

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12 minutes ago, CreX said:

yea, that is the trick with marine tanks, you cycle the finite amount of water through the filter over and over to purify it and kill off pathogens(or anything organic that finds itself not attached to anything and water borne)

where doing that for air, you will likely never reuse the same liter of air ever again once its been exhausted out the tent.


sheesh so long!? but you may have missed an important note about the spores... they can last in soil through the winter, or for years until the right conditions allow it to germinate.

you should spray your entire tent down with a fungicide like sulphur or copper soap, spray the tent walls, lights, fans... cables... everything, and let it dry.

i have even found that i battle less with PM when my walls are coated in a fungicide and not just my plants

Yeah, I had stuff to do around the house and have no time when I'm growing. Thanks for the tip on the Copper Soap, I'll take fans, etc apart and treat with a strong dose of H2O2, re-assemble and then try the Copper Soap drench. For added measure I'll try the UVC light as well. At least I know that the room will be sterile. 


I'll then keep to a strict regimen of Sulphur/Copper Soap in Veg and AQ-SF in flower

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