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  1. Sweet, thanks. I normally get a blank stare when I ask...
  2. Yeah, I had stuff to do around the house and have no time when I'm growing. Thanks for the tip on the Copper Soap, I'll take fans, etc apart and treat with a strong dose of H2O2, re-assemble and then try the Copper Soap drench. For added measure I'll try the UVC light as well. At least I know that the room will be sterile. I'll then keep to a strict regimen of Sulphur/Copper Soap in Veg and AQ-SF in flower
  3. Thanks bud Struggling to find the Sulphur spray in JHB. What brand do you recommend? What about Neem in veg as a preventative?
  4. Yeah bud, have one on my tank already. If you see what UV does to that tube, its quite scary
  5. I shut down the sheds for over 2 months already to try break the PM cycle. I'll do a deep clean, then run the machine for a few hours and then switch off. Existing mold spores should be killed off and then I can spray Copper Soap in Veg (not sure of ratios or frequency) and perhaps AQ-SF in Flower to prevent new PM Sounds like a plan?
  6. Thanks guys i went through the documentation and they advise removing the plants prior to use i think I will use for cleaning/sterilizing between grows and not daily use. Night all
  7. I have a dehumidifier 20L as well that runs continuously.
  8. Hi bud. Where did you find this?
  9. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated! I'll look at an enclosed unit that I can connect to my active intake rather. I have shut down my sheds to do a proper disinfect/sterilize and am looking at ways of preventing PM entering the shed via the active intake. Tried the stocking route to cover duct opening but that hasn't helped with the PM. Ventilation has been increased to the following: 3 x 40cm oscillating fans 3 x 23cm oscillating fans 1x 9000Btu Aircon - oscillating i currently have an 8" silent fan connected to a 6' carbon filter. Should i look at upgrading the extraction rather? I am now aware of preventative measures to avoid PM, but am looking to make sure my shed set up is correct
  10. Thanks for the replies From what I have heard & read, leaving the lights on for an extended period will damage plants. This unit has time incremental settings and has a fan that draws in air to sterilize. I would start on the lowest setting (15min) maybe once per week? Thoughts?
  11. Hi guys Has anyone tried to use a UVC lamp to combat PM? https://www.acdc.co.za/pages/product-individual?PTX003-WH
  12. Thanks bud Where did you get the Jadam products? Cannot find anything on the Internet
  13. Hi I have to run the 12L on continuous operation in order to keep humidity at that level. Learnt the hard way that its best to plumb straight away instead emptying the damn bucket twice a day. If you are looking at getting one, rather look at the 20L. That is a way better option. Room size is 2.2L x 1.6W and the 12L barely keeps up, but has managed to bring RH down from spikes of 90% (in previous grows)
  14. Thanks to all for the tips/hints troubleshooting etc..I guess i need to learn the basics to prevent issues going forward
  15. Thanks bud What would you recommend to boost the plants resistance to PM? Someone mentioned Silicon? If I am planning on using the GH (Now TA) Tripart supplements, is this still required? Do you know where I can buy the other products mentioned? Specifically AQSF? I am based in JHB
  16. Thanks Will try source and use going forward Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks. Is that for use in Veg? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Thanks for the help, it is seriously appreciated. This grow was looking so good until the PM started. Its still not as bad as it can get (i have been here multiple times) Please can you let me know where to buy and process for treating in veg?
  19. Using Gold Label Hydrococo 60/40 but thinking about changing to Atami Currently use GHE Grow and Bloom but recently changed over to the new 3 part range (Grow, Bloom & Micro)
  20. I haven't tried copper soap yet. Ladies are in Week 3 of flower I have another shed that is for flower. I have 4x 400W HPS lights and the room is bigger. This shed was only ever going to be for Veg I got the globes from ACDC. Not very strong, but do the job for Germination and initial Veg
  21. Thanks, i removed so more leaves when I did a H2O2 drench yesterday Not sure about ratios though. I mixed 14ml per Liter of 50% H2O2 and sprayed yesterday
  22. Tried both variants. Both leave a smell Tried a 4:1 ratio
  23. Bought clones, so don't think its the strains, as far as i know: 3x Apple Pie 3x Banana Kush 3x Gelato 33 3x Zkittelz
  24. Damn, looks great. I would need 2 though, eish
  25. I have read a mountain of info on PM. One of the root problems is too many leaves touching each other and causing air pockets where damp thrives. I have tried to do bit of selective pruning, but have only done that once in Veg and on day 21 of flower. The idea behind the shed was to use it as a veg station so that i could swing them over to the bigger shed to flower. Messed up timing and had to flower in shed 1. Plants are really on top of each other or touching walls etc. Tried the Milk solution, bicarb etc.
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