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First ever grow. A few questions. Help please! :)

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Hi guys,

Really interested in growing cannabis.

The room I rent out is small, and has a cabinet for hanging clothes. Dimensions are about 50x50x120cm.

I'm thinking of growing a single White Widow feminized plant in the cabinet.

I'm on a really tight budget, so can't afford a place of my own or a very expensive LED light :(.

I have a few questions for people who have been in my situation / experienced folk:

1) Will 2 50Watt UFO pendants be enough for a single white widow plant ? Here is the breakdown of light:

  • 142 mol @ 0.5m
  • 76.4 mol @ 1m
  • 45.8 mol @ 1.5m
  • 40.2 mol @ 2m

2) I'm really worried about the odor the plant will release at flowering. I was thinking of buying ONA gel like substance and putting 2 plates with a lot of the stuff on each plate, next to the plant, on the floor. And perhaps one plate above the lights. I live with a lot of other people and cant have the odor being released outside my room. Will keep my 2 windows fully open at all times. Please let me know if the ONA gel like substance is good enough for 1 plant.

3) I want the plant to be about 60-80cm in height, what size pot should I get for this desired height, and any guesses as to the yield with my given lights that I want to use ? How much smell will the plant produce at this height during flowering ?

4) Will I need to keep my cabinet open all the time ? Or can I close it sometimes or all the time ? I know fresh air is important, just really worried about the smell escaping and people knowing what I'm doing (Especially the landlord). I really hope ONA gel is enough!

That's about it guys. I've NEVER grown a plant before, this will be my first time doing this (Although I grew a small weed plant in high school, but my dad told me to rubbish it :(.

ANY advice or answers to the above questions will be of great help to me and I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

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whats up Andy! i replied to your other post now now about the lights and stuff... its not looking so great for you bud. BUT! stick around and you will get the right help to lead you to a success.

i wouldnt be too worried about the smell of one plant, unless your land lord lives with you in the same cupboard you wanna grow in lol - also, it is legal to grow in your apartment, unless your landlord has specifically said that you may not grow weed in the lease or in writing. so i wouldnt worry so much about the smell.

i would go for a 15-20l pot size for the plant.

you do definately need fresh air movement in the space... but for veg you can keep the door open all the time if you want. but in flower you will need the door to remain shut and make sure no light gets into the cupboard when its lights out... or yields will suffer.

get yourself a timer for sure... not a cheap pool one either... it will need to be one that keeps its settings when the power goes out

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