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Hi All going to be getting some auto beans to try my 1st auto grow. As far as I know they dont like being disturbed so what size pot should be used and then what soil medium, have access to Freedom farms and Living soil. Should any  nutrients amendments be done once on the grow.

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whats up man! are you going to be growing indoor or outdoors?

Reason i ask, is that it is well into the flowering period for outdoor plants, and winter is approaching. That means if you want to try first outdoors, then your first grow may be somewhat of a let down. and indoor growing isnt exactly cheap to get going.

Dont be disheartened though!! use this time to prepare your area for growing. Autos do not enjoy transplanting, so starting them in their final pot is best. 20l pots should be perfect.

Either of those soils should suffice, maybe a mix of them both will good as well. the soild should have most of what the plant needs to get it through to harvest, but do yourself a favour and get some veg nutes and some flower nutes. Biobizz has a good range of nutrients for every part of your grow needs.

End of august is the right time to plant outdoor seeds that will turn into massive trees without much care haha

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