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Best "Affordable" LED Light Unit?


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Hi, so we have a shed that's been converted to be a grow room, it's 1.1m×1.7m (1.87m²) we want to get a decent LED light but something in the affordable range for someone growing for themselves.

We currently have a lumii black unit running but power consumption is becoming a bit of an issue because of the light itself, as well as the additional fan for cooling in the room, so we need to switch to a more affordable setup.

Any recommendations? I'm good with electrical work, so even some diy systems can be an option if you can point me in the direction of proper LED strips etc.

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@Ivanka welcome!

I do agree with @SkunkPharm that doing a DIY light could work out cheaper, however not everyone is going to want to build their own light or import their own parts / lights.

Or perhaps might not have the skill, time or tools required etc. etc.

The space you have is a decently sized space. Ideally you'd want around 1300 - 1400 umol for that sized area, however you can get away with less and still achieve good results. 2x 240W Quantum Board lights will just about get you to the ideal output - as well as multiple other light options. However in your case you are looking for the most affordable, therefore the best value for money while still purchasing decent, high quality lights.

Another option is to start with one light and later on add more as your budget allows for it.

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Hey man, hope you're well.


I've been running a MODU-Grow 90w LED unit for some time now, I must say - it's performing quite well. PM me if you want me to put you into contact with someone you can get them from.

You can pick one up for about R2400... I say 2 should fill your space.


Your other option would be to go with multiple 10w led bulbs - around 20 of them - perhaps Osram or Phillips. I've seen Migro make quite a decent light with the Phillips ones.


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