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Local's Lekker


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Here I will share my current flowering plants. They are local genetics except one:

1 x Choc Kush ( Totemic)

1 x Double stuffed sherbert (garden route genetics)

1 x KB7 (garden route genetics)

1 x Sherb breathe ( garden route genetics)

1 x Jacob's Ladder ( round table genetics)

They have been in veg for a while and finally have space for the to flower.




Jacob's Ladder below




first time doing a scrog, will see how this play out.

Setup is in the garage with a hill billy dang thang going on, size is 1.4 x 1.2 and running 3 x 400W HPS lights.

Took clones from all the plants, and did not have space for the other 3 that was planned to move in together. They back in the veg appt doing their thing.

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Greetings all.

well not much to complain about, no major problems either. This is Choc Kush and looking the best in the tent.



Going to be some nice colas from tbis lady as all the branches are loaded with bud sites.

Then we have Sherb breath, this plant smells like mixed candy bowl/ packet skittles. She was a lil stretchy but not to much at all, also building lovely bud sites.


Then there is this lady,Jacob's Ladder wow she is eager with the resin production and pushing some citrus smells.



took clones and all have roots, running out of veg space fast but there is always a way. Already setup for a lekker outdoor season with soil cooking and clones ready to go outside.




WP_20200811_012.thumb.jpg.ec84000c87ccc14808ce62d4507b271e.jpgSome leka forest leaves and wood to boost the microbes, enjoying AACT when turning.


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Greetings Weed Lovers!

Wow time really does fly. I will do an update over the weekend. Managed to get them all to the end with no major problems. This was my best harvest personally, not quantity but definitely quality. 

A lil sneek peak


Rock hard nugs, pungent deliciousness, sticky icky goodness.

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Well its been a minute...

Still have these strains around and just about to finish up the next flowering run. 

The Choc Kush have been good to me for the last few runs and a very decent yielder.

I have a very big liking for the DSS and KB7 and they will be around for a few more runs. I have not been able to take pictures as usual but will upload some that is available. I will also try to be a bit more proactive on my grow dairies.

I have been doing my own soil but it seems to be a bit light when it comes to flowering but I have been giving it some attention and hopefully the next few runs will be better with fading starting later on.

I have added some new strains to the list and looking for those keepers but mainly looking for the local fire!photo_2021-07-09_09-46-44.thumb.jpg.573b3e3564c8fd8a115c406e77bf3292.jpg









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