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Possible use of medical marijuana for depression


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I deem it could work but I am more leaning towards a no , that said , pertaining the user is mentally strong enough to focus on positive thoughts and does not dwell and start focusing on the causes of his/her depression as that could possibly lead to a nervous break down.


I would most likely recommend a pure sativa for an uplifting high or if the user battles to sleep at night due to his depression a pure indica to knock him/her out to have a good nights rest.

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I agree, its not a cure as its a stimulant to trigger the necessary chemicals that induces the various states of being.


I am sure those who medicate for various reasons and selecting their strain of choice are well aware of the effects and it seems that science is catching on.

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I can give a bit of insight on how cannabis has helped my depression.


I've gone my whole life feeling a bit off, and over the last five years I've developed horrid bouts of depression.


After countless shrinks and anti-depressants; it was determined that I actually have severe ADHD that I've been forced to function with untreated. This is why I become bored very quickly and more often than not this leads to a depressive bout.


I understand the belief many have that it is merely a mindset but once you actually experience it; you realise it is more like a chemical imbalance.


I explained it to my psychiatrist like this: My thought process travels at light years in comparison to other people and when I consume cannabis it assists my thought process to slow down and render me functional. This in turn helps me remain positive and prevents serious bouts of depression.


I can confidently say that if I have the chance to puff once a day I am perfectly functional, but if I go a week or two without anything I tend to experience bouts of depression.


I am no shrink, all I know is that I much prefer living like I am now. :-puffin

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